Instead of getting pills for depression?


QUESTION: My step mom is in her 60’s and has been depressed. What can she take instead of getting pills for depression? Any brand and amounts suggested?

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  1. I would try vitamin D3 to start. My husband Dr. Put him on very high doses of D and in a month or more it was gone. I then put myself on a high dose of 10,000 and take it all winter. Summer I cut way down. I feel great…no more winter blues. I've been doing this for about 4-5 years now. I would recommend getting her levels checked thru a Dr first. Also helpful is B complex and magnesium, they work on the nervious system and keep you calm and feeling well mentally. There are many more things out there…such as cod liver oil and eating healthy, but if she does these 3, she may feel so much better.

  2. Vallegal Valiegal Maynar – taking isolate D3 is not recommended here, it is quite risky. There are better and safer ways.

  3. Margo Hill – this is the recommended protocol to restore Magnesium.

  4. Margo Hill – the amounts are different for each person, the Magnesium RBC blood test provides a starting place.

    Vitamin B complex and omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are also helpful with depression.

  5. Oh yes, I recently read that turmeric works better than Prozac. I take that also now for about a month and all my aches and pains went away and I sleep so much better.

  6. And I'm also in my mid sixties.

  7. I have Hashimotto's thyroiditis and I suffer from both

  8. I do think that everyone should get their D levels checked, as it was the cause of my husbands depression, recommended by my husband endocrinologist. He had to take 50,000 for six months, as his were only 9 on the chart. I've studied this extensively for years now and had my holistic doctor recommend it for me. I would never tell a person what dose to take…only to get the blood levels checked.

  9. Tyrosine is the "happy" amino acid – it makes people in a good mood. She may be depressed if she's on any prescription drugs ( they deplete magnesium) and especially pain killers can cause depression

  10. In a recently published study, Turmeric has been found more effective than Prozac for depression & not to mention also without suicidal side effects of Prozac.

  11. Rahat Iram how much would your suggest taking? And in what form? Tea or…..?

  12. Turmeric seems to give me heartburn.

  13. Look into lithium orotate.(not lithium carbonate that's prescribed for bipolar disorder) It's available without a prescription.

  14. I highly recommend essential oils! I have been diagnosed with add, OCD, Gad, and depression and then have helped me quite a bit so dae

  15. Margo Hill I don't know the exact dose for depression (if there is any) but generally it is recommended as 1-3 grams / day for cancer patients. I have written up all the details in other group which may help you find all the answers. Sorry I am currently using phone and can't copy all the details here. Why don't you join in at Lighter & Brighter group and I will tag you on the post to read details. Its a group about evidence based nutritional medicine. Here is th link.

  16. And finding out of there are any food sensitivities can male a huge difference! Gluten is often a culprit, yeast overgrowth, … My (grown) daughter's anxiety stopped once we were of gluten, but she's had to work harder on the depression….

  17. Potassium levels should be checked. It is called 'the feel good mineral'. Should be 4.4-4.8 on a blood test.

  18. Hemant Trivedi has provided us with some Turmerice recipes. Search the page and also look in Photos > Albums > Recipes.
    He also has a group…..

  19. For me mine went away when I started iodine (with supporting minerals like selenium and zinc) but I wonder if that is because I had a heavy metal toxicity problem and the iodine helped me detox.

  20. She also might want to try EFT… I know Morley highly recommends it.

  21. If you find supplements to help great, but please consider getting her a therapist. Having someone to talk to who is not related to you and doesn't know you, helps much more than you might think. Often the person will know if it is going help them after the first visit.

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