Intolerant or sensitive are also suffering from IBS?


How many of you that are intolerant or sensitive are also suffering from IBS?

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  1. I have Celiac but also have IBS symptoms.

  2. IBS Support for Women

  3. I'm IBS GF and Lactose free follow dr axe way of eating not all the time, but I'm not to bad, svomerime i have problem

  4. Yes hun lactose and gluten free and ibs-d

  5. Yep! Why are we all like this?!?!?!? Remember when eating was enjoyable and you could go out to dinner and drink? Mine started after my gallbladder was removed, but it doesn't happen to everyone, so I feel like there's an underlying issue besides lack of a digestive organ. Haha

  6. yes, IBS and candidia

  7. Daily only when I eat proteien can I survive and I don't like meat.

  8. Gluten and dairy intolerant with IBS

  9. Yes I have both

  10. Yes gluten intolerant lactose and fructose with ibs

  11. Was, not anymore. Learned how to relax.

  12. I'd say me but not diagnosed both

  13. I have been doing GF by choice because I get inflammation and digestive upset but never diagnosed. As a health coach I do know that gluten causes inflammation and candida in the gut and intestines and for those with severe allergies end up with a whole host of intestinal problems. I use Plexus products to heal my gut and have a few GF friends who saw immense changes using the products to help heal their IBS. I am a distributor and happy to share testimonies with anyone interested. This stuff is truly a blessing!!

  14. Yes but it's much better now that I changed my diet.

  15. Thank you Anne for the info. Will follow it up.

  16. Not suffering any longer since I gave up gluten 100% and dairy most if the time.

  17. I was diagnosed with IBS many years ago. But since I've gone GF (and struggling to go DF), the symptoms are basically gone. I question if I was misdiagnosed.

  18. Been GF almost 5 years due to Celiac Disease and DF and FODMAP for 2 years due to IBS. Always learning new things and new ways to do things. But literally have my health in my hands and slowly healing, but will get there ️

  19. Me. I was actually having a flare up of UC, and two rounds of prednisone didn't help. I decided to cut out dairy since it is inflammatory, and it cleared up literally within days!

  20. I've had Crohn's disease for 10 years. Just diagnosed with Celiac last summer.

  21. Crohns and ibs

  22. Is anyone challenged with finding Skincare, body care and cosmetics that is GF, vegan?

  23. I was tested for food allergies February 13th and the test came back positive for all food allergies which included milk. Gluten and milk were two of the worst ones.

  24. Me, suspect fodmap issues. I also have several food allergies, intolerances,sensitivities….

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