Irritability, Adult ADD, Depression and Anxiety?


Input on Mag water and Adrenal cocktails for improving symptoms of chronic irritability, Adult ADD, Depression and Anxiety?
Any and all ideas, facts, opinions, etc.. are welcome. please and thanks guys and gals

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  1. That combo, along with the Mg cofactors, has been helpful to many. What is your Mag RBC? Have you had the four point saliva cortisol test? How is your diet? Grains? Dairy? Processed foods?

  2. My diet is great, mostly veggies and locally grown meat products. Sometimes processed when im lazy. I eat very little due to my depression. Patti Williams Loft might be able to help with the questions you asked. She concocted the mixtures for me to help me gain strength to accomplish basic daily tasks. I drink a lot of milk. Unfortunately, i am a redbull drinker…when i eat, i make sure it has higher calorie and protein count due to being underweight. I eat lots of greek yogurt and cottage cheese!

  3. And, how does Redbull serve you? Not a good choice.

  4. Nope its not a good choice. Its my coffee. More than anything, though, its the taste I enjoy and its not hard to fall into the energy drink addiction. Not proud, thats for sure. Its like someone smoking cigarettes. Only im not drinking more than one a day

  5. Nor am i a smoker, to clarify that.

  6. yes to mag water and adrenal cocktails and more mag and especially magahol. Other facters that have helped me besides improving diet have been coconut oil, kombucha and other ferments like pickles and sauerkraut, I also had to drop milk and grains for months at a time. Bone broth and chicken broth were major diet components during that time..

  7. Thank you friends

  8. I tried to get Autumn started on some of the benefits and told her to ask questions here. Thanks for the information you can give her

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