Is agave ok with Hashi’s ?


A couple of questions. Is agave ok with Hashi’s ? Honey is on my “no-no” list. And dairy is not on my “no-no” list, but I am reading alot about no dairy. I am referring to Fage plain greek yogurt. Thank you

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  1. Agave syrup? has more fructose than High Fructose Corn Syrup. If you’re cool with that …
    Dairy is on a lot of peoples’ no-no list for Hashimoto’s..

  2. So does Agave fall in the “sugar” catagory ?

  3. Oh yeah.. and it is a worse choice than High Fructose Corn Syrup because of the type of sugar it is

  4. What can I use as a sweetner then ? for like smoothies and such?

  5. stevia is what i use when i need to

  6. So if dairy isn’t on my “no-no” list, then it’s ok ?

  7. Sorry, Im newly diagnosted, so I have alot of questions

  8. Is a Natropath a good option or should I go to an Endo dr?

  9. I like an integrative medicine doctor. Some like functional medicine doctors. Very few seem to like Endos.

  10. Endos don’t generally give holistic care- they tend to be labs & meds only. They generally treat hypothyroidism, but not hashimotos, which causes it.I f you want help with things like diet, a naturopath is better suited to helping you there. A functional medicine doctor combines both holistic & conventional approaches and would be my first choice. Insurance won’t generally cover either a naturopath or functional medicine Doctor. I personally haven’t found an endo that does any more for me than my primary can.

  11. I have a great team that includes my primary care doctor, and my Endo. . Wouldn’t trust my care to anyone else.

  12. I fires my primary , she put me on Trulisity and phentermine and said I needed to refuse my carbs to 45 grams a days and protien to 100 a day. I went to her for weight loss.

  13. I use real maple syrup or coconut sugar, dates are super sweet too and are good in smoothies

  14. Agave is not good non pasturised honey IS good!

  15. O coconut sugar, gonna try that.

  16. I just got my labs back and honey is also on my “no” list so I am trying coconut sugar. It’s nothing like honey but claims to be low glycemic. Hoping it’s not going to cause any issues. Also, no reaction according to my labs for dairy but I do get a physical reaction so I steer clear 90% of the time.

  17. Paleo mom says no on the agave. I use honey occasionally, but use maple syrup since I live in New England it’s readily available.. Not sure where the no honey came from?

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