Is anybody doing this for pain management?


Is anybody doing this for pain management?

Just needing support.

Plus….how do y’all go to restaurants and order?

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  1. Yes, for systemic rheumatoid arthritis and most likely celiac. Pretty much stopped eating out unless they specifically have gf. My partner & I are both gf/celiac and get very sick from it. Dairy bothers me more than him so I make everything from scratch.

  2. Very carefully!!!! It's hard going out to eat I think, because I feel like I want to cheat .
    But we've learned to go in prepared… maybe look at menu online first to see gf/df options.

  3. Eating out can be sad if you don't pick the place. I have a mental list of safe places that are about the only places im willing to eat at. Taco trucks, sushi and vegan/df pizza from a local chain are my go to.

  4. I am GF Df for PsA . gf df reduces inflammation and pain for me.

  5. I am for severe stomach pain. Eating out is hard, especially because I can't eat a lot of other things. I try to stick with grilled meat, salads, and baked potatoes.

  6. I always try to check out the menu before hand. Some stuff would surprise you. I was researching a place the other day and found out their chicken had milk in it. Don't be afraid to ask questions!! It is tough but worth it. I do gf df for my eczema, swelling, and some joint pain.

  7. Have steroid induced myopathy which at its peak, had me in tears with pain. Before GF/DF my pain level at 4-5 on Neurontin. Now pain level at 2-3 off of Neurontin

  8. Hi I new to gf but most restaurants will help if you tell them or menues have gf df beside meals

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