Is anyone else always in pain?


Is anyone else always in pain? It started in my shoulders, has moved to my neck, and now I am having TMD. I can feel the muscles knotted. Massage helps but only temporarily and the doctor gave me flexeril but that only helps slightly at night, as I still wake up in pain (less but still hurts).
***going on five years of this***

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  1. Are you taking any thyroid hormones? Is your dose high enough? Does your dose include both T4 and T3? These are the questions to consider.

  2. My joints hurt all the time….mainly in my knees hips and ankles….just found out I have tmd when I went to the dentist…didn’t even hurt until the dentist messed with my jaw…then I had excruciating nerve pain For almost 2 week…was on hydrocodone and 800mg of ibprof…..I have heard going to the chiropractor helps…I haven’t tried it yet

  3. You may not be getting the right kind of massage. When you have bad knots, you have to get frequent massages to get them out. Your massage therapist should be able to make sort of a treatment plan for you on what they think will get the issues corrected. Then after that you can start a maintenance program. Once a month is recommended. You may also need to see a chiropractor. Massage and chiropractic give great together. The effects will start lasting longer, the better you get.

  4. I’ve had same issues for years. Massage, epsom salt with essential oils baths works best. Also grain and dairy free diet and glutathione treatments helps keep inflammation down. I also have to make sure I don’t exercise too strenuously. Very delicate balance.

  5. Cutting out gluten allergies and food sensitivities got rid of all that. I suffered for years too!! And I didn’t do it overnight I had to do it over six months. Also stay away from the nightshade family. It causes inflammation.

  6. Work on them yourself a couple times a day. Get a firm ball and put between neck and wall and work it into trigger points. There are youtube videos on how to do this. Also, trigger point massage is way better than swedish or even deep tissue for that kind of thing.

  7. Have you tried MMJ or Kratom? If legal where you are?

  8. I have jaw issues. my discs have slide down, cartilage chewed through, bone slightly flattened, cross under bite larger teeth for my very tiny jaw. I was on pain killers for 18 months or so… I live with very high pain level levels. Physio therapy with a tmj specialty helped manage some. she would loosen the muscles and teach proper posture and exercises for the jaw to gain more control and potentially function. I am going to try Botox in joint soon to determine muscle or joint pain and possibly some relief after which i have the option of scope and that is it. pain medication was very limiting relief for me with lots of side effects. If you think more might be wrong and you haven’t had a ct scan might be worth doing to better understand why.

  9. Yes you are not alone. I have gone Gluten Free, get massages, essential oils, eat clean, no processed foods, yoga and stretching everyday!!

  10. I use golden paste. it is something you make yourself.

  11. Every day…

  12. You need the right thyroid meds. No pain if you are taking the right amount of thyroid hormone. I recommend seeing a functional medicine Doctor that specializes in hormone and thyroid therapy. Also look into LDN. That has done wonders for me. Stay off the gluten! Good Luck!

  13. You need labs for B12, nerves and muscles need this, plus low B 12 causes acid reflux . B 6 is needed with B 12. Vit D, as well, causes pain , hair loss, and sleeping too much, ong other problems. Needs K3 with it.Both of those cause pain in the body if they are low. Magnesium is low in most everyone, due to the vegetables being picked green and the soil depleted by fertilizer. Magnesium malate helps with muscles and feeds the basic Krebs Cycle. Toxins in the liver also cause pain in the body. Can do a detox, I used Sonnes #7 and , they also have a detox kit. AIP diet can help reduce inflammation in the body. Chrondroiten and hyaluranic acid took me fast out of inflammation many times.

  14. I hate flexiril it makes my mouth dry and I’ve had to change a million times I now take chlorozaxon or I get migraines from the tension!

  15. Everyday. ….esp shoulder and neck….knees…..

  16. You know I read somewhere about hashis and bursitis and tennis elbow. How they go hand in hand. I cant even wash my car anymore. I get trigger point steroid shot every 3 months In my shoulder. It’s like one day it came out of no where in my elbow and then went to my shoulder and so on. Crazy. I take like 1000 MG of Robaxin and 2 advil before bed , just sok i can sleep and sleep on my side.

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