Is anyone else experiencing hot flashes?


Weird question but is anyone else experiencing hot flashes after they haven’t had them in months and months? I was getting them before my diagnosis thinking I was getting early menopause (I was 45). Then when I was put on synthyroid they went away. Now they are back with a vengeance 18 months later. I just has my levels done and they were fine a few weeks ago. Help!

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  1. Have them check you to see if your going through menopause. My endocrinologist said my hashi’s wasn’t bad enough for meds and said most of my symptoms sounded like menopause. I’m on hormone replacement therapy and it has helped with the hot flashes.

  2. Yes mine started at 35 by age 41 my cycles were gone I’m 46 now still no cycles but horrible hot flashes. It’s likely menopause related. I am on Synthroid 300. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s last Nov

  3. I am 43, I would have hot flashes really bad. I was tested for pre- menopause and that was not causing it. I just recently had a thyroidectomy and my hot flashes have pretty much went away.

  4. I just came on here to ask about hot flashes… I’ve been getting them for a few weeks now and was wondering if it could be thyroid related or menopause- I just turned 38. \n\nI don’t like it!!😳

  5. If you see a chiropractor, let him/her know you are having hot flashes. Sometimes if the low back (L4/L5/sacrum) is out, it can cause hot flashes.

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