Is anyone here paleo?


Is anyone here paleo? I’ve been following paleo for years but constantly question it. Science says phytic acid from grains and legumes depletes out magnesium and other nutrients? I want to eat a healthy diet and want good teeth! All the studies of primitive people without cavities and skin issues. I guess beans and things weren’t always around to eat, but then other vegetables also have phytic acid? Am I denying myself healthy grains and legumes? If I take a good probiotic, can I eat the beans?

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  1. I've been doing Paleo a couple of months for weight loss and feel fantastic, 27lbs lost), BUT sometimes have a little oatmeal for regularity.

  2. Me and my whole family of 6 people (4kids) and my mum is paleo since 2,5 years, Due to several AI diseases run in my family. We are strictly GF, DF and sugar free. We reintroduced rice, legumres and potato in small amount due to IBS, because we cannot digest many other veggies. Very-very occssionally I think legumres are OK, but just after a careful soaking at least 24 hours.
    You have to find the balance: what is good for one, maybe not good for another. I think veggie based paleo is the healthiest way of eating, for us it works really well, my mum is living without symptoms of her autoimmune diseases like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto. So for us it is perfect, but we strictly avoid all grains, seeds, dairy and sugar.

  3. And one more thing: if your gut tract is damaged, you have to recover it first. This means mineral and microbial rebalancing, and a diet which eliminates ALL foods that you are intolerant for. Mostly they are grains, seeds and nuts, dairy and all processed foods. Sugar is a white poison, and sweeteners are not far better, so it is better to avoid them all (or you can pay for a blood intolerance test). And, you end up at paleo 🙂

  4. Here in Hungary very few dietetians or doctors know about these diets so I had to try all of them apart from keto to find my cure… I was hard but worth every effort.

  5. Yes, I've been paleo for 2.5 years. I highly suggest this post by Mark Sisson on the updated info regarding legumes:

  6. If you look at the NZ Maoris diet before colonization . Capitan cook on a rival to nz shores wrote in his book how healthy they were ..
    Dr western A price also stated how healthy the nz Maoris were . He studied there Teeth and 0.076 % having dental carries lower than the esqmalt indans beter than any one in the world they eat omnevor fat . sea food . seaweed .high protean veg . Omnevors not only store bad stuff in the fat but the good stuff as well . Pigs . I did a experiment with feeding a good boar organic veg and fresh fish for a year we overdosed him on the best food there is (I had a 30 x50 metre garden and set a net every night and had six crayfish pots for a whole year the pigs and us eat like kings for a year ..) but the most amazing was after I ate the fat from the pig . My blood sugars dropped from 18 to 20 down to 4-6 . I belive we can't eat enough veg to keep us going but if we feed pigs with organic protean and green complex carbs they will store all the nutrients in there fat .the nz Maoris learn t this as canabils but same as the pig .not most pork to day are fed with bad carbs and diabetic when slaughter .
    Dr western A price studys are used lots in our world today . I know of a man and his family who eat pork grown in this way he is over weight but now one will beet him he out works any one he is amazing in martial arts he will out swim run up a hill faster he will not let any one beet him as in his fat he has reserve energy .. the nz maori way of eating is amazing but there is no monies in lots of healthy people . I hope ewes can under stand what I say ..

  7. Phytic acid gets rid of rogue iron, I've been told I take a capsule.

  8. Probiotics are good.
    We follow the Winston A Price foundation diet to heal tooth decay in my son – we follow a mostly Paleo type diet except we consume raw, organic milk and kefir.

    Vitamin C is supposed to bind to phytic acid to lessen the anti-nutrient effect.

  9. What makes phytic acid so bad besides depleting magnesium?

  10. Soak beans in water with 1 tbs of ACV for 24 hrs prior to cooking.
    Soak nuts and seeds the same way but for 8 hrs.
    Otherwise they are anti nutrients. this process breaks down the phytic acid and they are readily digestible.

  11. I'm not paleo as I think it's too high protein and very low carb is hard on your thyroid.
    I follow many paleo principles though including grain free except for oats occasionally. No shitty veg oils. I will have beans on the odd occasion but not a lot.
    No gluten.
    I think mid carb is better and I use rice and potatoes mainly as well as buckwheat flour

  12. One must under stand in nz prior to European coming nz had no fruit I think fruit is a problem

  13. Never felt better since going Paleo – my excess weight just fell off and my body has normalized to its ideal condition. Paleo is more based on what our Ancestors DIDN'T EAT.

  14. Weston A. Price Foundation- we soak nuts and rice before we eat them as Price suggests. I try to eat only Heritage grain sourdough bread.

  15. The only diet that has been proven to be healthy is The traditional diet described by the Weston a price foundation. However, that doesn't mean it will be the best diet for your body. Perhaps you should try some grains and legumes and keep track of how you feel. There is no one size fits all diet wise.

  16. Pre European in nz no grains no bread if it's white it's normal y not alright love the dirt hug a worm

  17. I am auto immune protocol,which is a paleo type diet, for a little over 3 years now…its much stricter than regular paleo. I would say it depends on what your health complaints are?

  18. Esqmalt race eat no grains just good fat from seals etc who have eating veg from the sea and fish . Australian aboriginal people same as no grains been around longer than most nz maori no grains no bread .. grains bad drugs

  19. Our ailments are due to what we have eaten takes a long time to get sick but if we go back to the dirt start again we have a much better chance

  20. On January 9th, I'll have been Paleo for 5 years. It has put my rheumatoid arthritis in remission (I had been taking 5 medications, now taking 1/4 to 1/2 dose of 1 medication and staying Paleo). I think I have fallen too far off the wagon. I am eating too many nuts, and I think I see issues there (started off autoimmune protocol, but now just avoid tomatoes and straight egg). If I even get a small whack of grain, I will sleep for 2-3 days straight. Soy now makes me break out in hives and activates my RA almost immediately. I think there is more tweaking I need to do (as there always is), but I think I'm way better off with Paleo than without. FYI, the lack of research is a two edged sword. I have 3 docs that support me doing this diet. One has told me that he thinks the "cure" to RA will deal with digestion somehow. He also said that true good diet research is extremely expensive and hard to do (lock people up to assure they follow it???). Terry Wahls is doing some good research with it and MS.

  21. Sack the doctor and look for a good witch

  22. Doesn't soaking and sprouting remove the phytic acid from beans and legumes?

  23. Yes but not the white carbs that are so addictive

  24. I heard…that if you wash your white rice really well..and you refrigerate it; little carbs?

  25. I love grains a real struggle to give them up completely for me. I've posted a few good links for anyone wanting to take the middle ground (keep grains in diet but commit to traditional preparation methods). Some tricks I've learnt is that is u have a blip and eat refined bread, offset this with enzymes, probiotics and fermented foods…this can help get the offending food through your digestive system with reduced fall out (I do this if my son sneaks bread or crackers at a friends' house or party).

  26. Also…don't forget…we are all different blood types…we are most certainly healthier if we eat according to our blood type.

  27. hopefully you can click on this link, morley posted it a few months back

  28. Opposite here. Mostly plant based. Try to stick to most "antiinflammatory" diet as possible.


    Doing Keto since late Nov. I have hashimotos, hypothyroidism and now AIH since February .. I finally feel great and have energy.

  29. You have to figure out what foods work best for your unique body! Paleo works well for some and is horrible for others. People with gallbladder issues typically have trouble with paleo because they cannot process the protein/fat.

  30. There are too many non-paleo foods I like for instance potatoes; so while I try to eat plenty of meat and fat I also eat other things that aren't paleo. is a good paleo site

  31. I've been watching videos on food and some say vegetables & fruit only and the others advocate animal protein, veges…paleo. I've never been more confused! I stopped drinking milk, almost off all wheat & sugar.

  32. Not everyone needs to avoid grains. But there is evidence people with inflammatory diseases benifit going grain free. Morley starts with magnesium.

  33. I keep wondering too. I miss grains. Once in a blue moon I make pancakes with sprouted bean flour.

  34. you don't have to give up all grains, for instance we recently gave up gluten which is mainly wheat but we still eat rice. we aren't allergic to gluten, it's just the thought of who wants to eat glue?

  35. interesting, you sent me off on a tangent, thanks. my partner has constant dental problems and also lives in chronic pain from syringomyelia. I wonder if they are related?

  36. My understanding of the problem with beans & legumes is that they have those little hooks in them that cause inflammation in the gut lining. Apparently it's their defence mechanism. I personally have a problem digesting legumes & they cause me to bloat etc. I agree with the concept of paleo

  37. I like the idea of small amounts of those things hard to digest … beans, legumes, rice. They all have something to offer in the way of nutrition. For me … no wheat, can't tolerate it.

  38. We've done 2 years of GAPS and I did AIP too. I tanked my potassium with all the detoxing and crashed my adrenals. So the adrenal cocktails are helping with that. I don't process fats well and was vegan 10 years ago to repair damage excessive drinking did to my liver. I'm introducing some grains and starches, started with sweet potato, rice and quinoa, chickpease ok so far. Found I'm gluten intolerant or celiac. Basically listen to my body, but also note the difference between die off reaction and immune or gut reaction. Still have a lot of foods I can't eat but the list is getting smaller and hoping Morely protocol will help even more. I've kind of taken bits of several different diet protocols and made my own – the whatever doesn't make me sick diet.

  39. I think what we're learning now is that there is no one diet for everyone. Genetic variation among humans is incredible and we've even evolved in the short time period since agriculture came along. I think the key is to experiment and see what makes you feel better. Variety is good and keeps any one thing from overwhelming your system. I go to all the time and just pick something from the list to try. So many options you could eat a different veggie every day of the year.

  40. using a pressure cooker is supposed to be another way to make beans healthier to eat

  41. Type O blood needs to avoid meat , and keep moving.

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