Is anyone in here for autoimmune issues?


Is anyone in here for autoimmune issues? If so, which ones and why did your doctor recommend a DF GF diet?

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  1. I have several – vitiligo, rosacea, meniere's, and probably more. My doctor said everyone with autoimmune diseases has problems with wheat and dairy. I have only done this for 3 weeks so we'll see what happens……

  2. I have Hashimoto's, doctor recommended GF years ago, but I only adopted in the last year or so because of IBS-d.

  3. Curious if anyone in this group has alopecia areata?

  4. My daughter…..she has Raynauds and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Had eczema when she was little and some stomach issues. Her functional medicine doc said GF/DF simply because dairy is an inflammatory and because gluten is so horribly processed. Right now they are really only working on her swelling in fingers and toes. They are working to correct her gut.

  5. Celiac and Hashimoto's. Anyone with autoimmune would benefit from gluten free to help stop the Autoimmune attack.
    Also check into the Autoimmune Protocol for a short time to see what foods you might be reacting to that you aren't aware of, changed my life!
    And saved my life, no exaggeration. I used to be bedridden with fibro and chronic fatigue until I learned the difference between just being 'in range' and being OPTIMAL, and taking NDTs instead of T4 only meds.
    Also, Low Dose Naltrexone for autoimmune diseases helps regulate your immune system to help stop the autoimmune attacks.

  6. I have autoimmune issues and DF GF was recommended by my rheumatologist.

  7. Hashimotos, Celiac and Dermatitis Herpatiformis. I was on the Paleo Fiet before diagnosis and it helped a lot

  8. I am totally GF and only allow dairy once in awhile. I never compromise on gluten but splurge with a bowl of ice cream or cheese once a week or so.

  9. I have immune thrombocytopenia (ITP-low platelets). Praise God, now in remission. I also have alopecia areata. GF/DF has not helped AA . Had to see dermatologist for injections to my head last week. I've recently gotten into essential oils. I am going to ask the group for a blend and I will post on this group.

  10. I have a case where my muscles tense up and cause tension headaches and tmj. So i stay away from gluten and dairy and im fine.

  11. in in the process of finding out if I do in fact have one.

  12. I have a few, pcos, hypothyroid, polymiositis. My dr nor my rheumatologist said to stay away from gf/df. I'm wondering why since it seems so many other drs have said to to so many people. I have started to stay away from dairy just to help my ibs & that seems to help…im curious to what my labs will look like in a couple months.

  13. Hashimoto's. I am dairy free and I limit both sugar and carbs. Not gluten free. Dairy and sugar really cause me issues with fatigue and muscular/joint pain.

  14. Sjogrens….this is week 4 gf/df for me. So far I think I have more energy and my stomach definitely feels better

  15. Rheumatoid arthritis.

  16. Polymyositis. I feel so much better being gluten free.

  17. I have Lyme Disease and babesia. When I was first diagnosed I wasn't gluten free and my joint pain was so bad. Every time I ate I would get really sick. Headaches stomach pain. My doctor said some of her patients did a gluten free diet and helped even though she couldn't really say for sure if I should but said it wouldn't hurt to try. My friend suggested GF as well and it honestly has helped a lot. It's super hard going out to eat but I'm way better off with out gluten.

  18. I have Hashimoto's but my dietitian not my doctor that recommended gluten free.

  19. Hashimoto

  20. My nutritionist has been my HERO!!! Dr not so much as far as diet and sensitivities and such ..i love my nutritionist

  21. I recently found out I have Hashimotos. I am new to the gf world and I won't lie, I am having a hard time. I love pasta, found a gf brand I like. Bread is my biggest issue. There is only one gf bread at my local store. It's expensive and at first it was ok, but gets old fast. I went 6 weeks on the HCG diet. Just protein, veggies and fruits. Lost 20lbs (yay) and felt great. Off HCG now and I am always hungry!!! I am always tired and just feel like crap. I limit sugar. I was told dairy is ok, so I still eat yogurt and have some milk in my cereal. Ice cream occassionally. I wish my store had more options, and at better prices. Healthy eating shouldn't cost more.

  22. I have Hashimotos, joint pain, another related issues. I was advised by my doctor thar a gf df diet would lessen the inflammation I was experiencing. Additionally, I had polyps (removed from my colon) were probably caused by gluten sensitivity and could potentially develop into colon cancer(which runs in my family).

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