Is Borax safe to take during pregnancy?


Is Borax safe to take during pregnancy? I know conventionally of course they say it is not, but does this group think so?

Also what about whole food vitamin c? Is it safe to take high levels of it during pregnancy? Some sources online say high levels of vitamin c can cause miscarriage, but not sure if that is synthetic or whole food or both.

Thank you.

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  1. Yes you can take high levels of whole food C in pregnancy. Honestly, it is hard to get to really high levels with a whole foods C, and you have increased C needs in pregnancy and baby needs it immediately after, so load up on whole foods C!

  2. Pregnancy depletes a lot of minerals, so yes, boron will still need to be supplemented. If you're not comfortable using borax, Douglas Labs has Boron in a 3 mg pill form.

  3. It's the high synthetic vitamin c that causes miscarriage due to it giving you diarrhea. Anything that gives you loose stools, back off on.

  4. Take them, use caution with boron and selenium. Go for gold with teh Vit C – baby is bathed in it and it is anti cancer which is great.

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