Is camu camu alright as a vit c source?


is camu camu alright as a vit c source? and is rice bran needed? im starting and buying everything is getting expensive id rather stick to as cheap as i can do it, ive got beef liver capsules here and mega mag which im using externally, unsure of borax being safe after what ive read from other ED women on here.

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  1. You can get your Boron, from Anderson sea MD mineral drops, or the mega mag mineral drops, just look at the dosing on the back and work your way slowly up to 3 mg of boron. Or put Borax in the bath. Camu Camu isn't one of the recommended types but my understanding is it's fine as long as it's raw or processed without heat, which kills the beneficial vitamin C. But I get a second opinion on that. To save money have you tried to get hundred percent grass-fed beef liver down instead of the capsules battle save some for sure. Because you have to take like 6 in the capsule so it only last 20 days. Bee pollen rice bran and beef liver are all needed as Vitamin B sources, the the rice brand in particular is to be taken on an empty stomach to help chelate iron. I personally am allergic to rice so don't take it but make sure I'm addressing that in other ways.

  2. Camu camu is amazing

  3. Yes I use camu camu too

  4. I've been doing the rice bran but I think I'll have to quit. It makes me so awfully constipated. I take DE…is that enough?

  5. Just starting…how does one take rice bran?

  6. Why do people put a F on comments

  7. Camu is in the Pure Radiance Vit C recommended in the RCP

  8. Camu camu is only expensive for the initial outlay, but really isn't when you consider how long the package lasts because you don't have to use much daily.

    I add mine along with my mineral drops (for boron) to some applesauce. I put the camu camu in cinnamon applesauce for my son all the time and he doesn't taste it.

  9. I use Loving Earth camu camu but it's so expensive! My husband and I take it so it's costly…i've been researching exactly how much Vit C is in it as well…and many different providers claim some astronomical amounts.There doesn't seem to be any consistency … >.x3C

  10. Lyposomal vitamin c!

  11. There is a company called the raw food company I get my camu camu from there its a reasonable price and really good.

  12. How about buying quality food.

  13. If you are high in iron, should you still take liver capsules?

  14. I use camu camu as well

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