Is celiacs ever caused by a gallbladder problem?


Is celiacs ever caused by a gallbladder problem? Does it go away when your gallbladder gets removed? One of my theories lately. Thank you!

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  1. I don’t believe autoimmune disease works that way.


  3. I had my gallbladder removed in June 2017. An since then started having health issuses an found out I have celiac diease.

  4. Sorry guys I’m totally confused and new to food sensitivities and understanding all of this. I have heard that nausea and other digestive issues lesson after your gallbladder is removed but then I’ve also heard that it can cause more problems without it?

  5. Celiac is not a food sensitivity or an allergy. It’s an autoimmune disorder that does not go away.

  6. Diagnosed at 70- have never had a gallbladder problem

  7. I’m not sure what I have so I do apologize for perhaps using the wrong term. I know that I have food sensitivities. I don’t know what caused them to randomly show up one day about a year ago now. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.

  8. She was just asking a question. Is that not what this group is for and to get support from each other? She didn’t know and there are people on this page that does know what others don’t. There is no need to be rude

  9. Nope… Heard that too and even heard it after my gastric bypass… It is what it is… Nothing fixes it but the diet…eat right

  10. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder. We aren’t sure what causes it or exactly why it happens. It doesn’t seem to be caused by any other organ failure or malfunction. Celiac is when your body thinks gluten is an invader that has come to attack the body. So your antibodies jump into overdrive and go crazy. Instead of attacking the gluten itself, they malfunction and attack the lining of our small intestines. When this happens our vili shorten and we can become malnourished and have a wide variety of symptoms. An all gluten free diet for life is the only treatment and there is no cure. And since it’s an autoimmune disease, it cannot go away but it can get better. But the minute we consume gluten again, our body goes haywire again and we become ill and our intestines become destroyed again. And we are set back by months in the healing process. If you suspect you may have celiac you need to go to your doctor and get tested for the celiac blood panel. If it comes up positive they will want to do an endoscopy which is when they take a biopsy of your intestines to see the extent of damage done by gluten. Then you will either be diagnosed with celiac or not. ? Goodluck with everything.

  11. No, had my gallbladder removed in November thinking that was my issue, continued to have the same problems. 2 weeks ago I just found out I have celiac disease

  12. Celiacs and gluten sensitivity can mimic the symptoms of having gall bladder problems, so it’s important to sort out what is going on.

    And it’s been theorized (although I haven’t seen a study done on it) that celiacs can lead to gallbladder problems.

    I’ve never seen anything to suggest that it can go the other way. Gallbladder problems don’t appear to trigger celiacs or NCGS.

  13. No cure for celiac. It’s an autoimmune disease

  14. I am not celiac. But for 11 months I thought I was sensitive to gluten. In November I started getting sick. Found out in Jan major digestive issues. Went to ER twice and now Dr is having my gallbladder tested due to major food sensitivity and now pain in upper right abdomen. Seems I am allergic to everything lately I cry a lot. Still waiting results. But don’t ignore your body.

  15. All my digestive issues and food sensitivities are worse now that my gallbladder has been removed.

  16. Got celiac disease 14 years ago and gallbladder out last Wednesday

  17. But…. they say people can be gluten sensitive if they have gallbladder issues

  18. Celiac and gallbladder disease go hand-in-hand lots of the time.

  19. Coeliac no, it’s more likely that your galbladder issues were caused by gluten due to being coeliac, therefore will not go away because you’ve had your galbladder removed.
    If not coeliac, you could be gluten intolerant, again the glabladder could have been caused by gluten due to the untreated intolerance.
    On the other hand, you could be neither coeliac nor intolerant and your underlying galbladder issues were being aggrivated by gluten, in which case it is possible that you may be able to eat gluten again one day. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is much more likely that your galbladder issues were caused by untreated coeliacs disease or gluten intolerance, you will likely be on a GF diet for ever.

  20. My overactive gallbladder was linked to Celiac. My doctor chose to look and I was diagnosed because of the research that supports the relationship.

  21. I don’t think so. My GI made it a huge point to pit I’m my chart that my gall blatter was not the be removed unless approved by him. He told me not to ever let anyone touch my gall batter without extensive testing.

  22. I’ve had my gallbladder removed a few years after being diagnosed with cd but I don’t see any difference at all.

  23. No. My celiac symptoms started with gallbladder attacks, anxiety and GI problems. They figured it was all gallbladder related plus anxiety. 8 years later finally find out I have problems with gluten and likely Celiac. GI symptoms have cleared up when I am really strict about watching gluten free diet. Gallbladder was likely a symptom of Celiac for me. Sorry I couldn’t tell you what you were hoping to hear. Celiac is autoimmune with no cure. Hugs!

  24. I’ve had digestive issues my entire life. My gallbladder came out at 20. Celiac dx at 37. I’m 40 now.

  25. Your gallbladder controls how much bile is released by the liver, like a little dam, and without it the bile flows directly to the small intestine. When you eat fatty foods the liver releases more bile and you can have digestive issues since too much bile gets in there. Celiac can cause the gallbladder to not function like it should which causes pain and nausea. So they remove it and we go into a vicious circle. After I got dx with celiac, I heard that going gf can clear up the gallbladder issues. But they didn’t use to know that.

  26. Gallbladder and celiac are 2 different conditions that affect the same area. I will be having mine out shortly

  27. Auto immune disease can be triggered by stress or a virus or a surgery that occurs sometime in your life. It’s like a light switch. So your gallbladder surgery could have activated Celiac disease or any other AID. Once it’s active it never goes away. And often causes other AID’s. If you have celiac you can never eat gluten again. It’ll make it worse. But if your gluten free, I believe it offers you the opportunity to remain healthy and symptom free in the present and in the future.

  28. Maybe have h plylori!!!

  29. Celiac is an autoimmune disease… it go away! It can affect your gallbladder!

  30. No. But I had my gall bladder mistakenly taken out after 2 ER visits with abdominal pain (my GB was perfectly normal on pathology) then they sent me to a GI who Dx me with Celiac. ??‍♀️??‍♀️ it’s just the first thing they look to for abdominal pain they have no answer for.

  31. For gallbladder pain I use two drops of peppermint, two drops of marjoram and two drops of cypress essential oil right on the skin . Takes the pain away almost instantly. Tip use a q-tip to apply the oils because you don’t want to get peppermint on your finger and then accidentally touch your eye

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