Is copper good or bad?


Is copper good or bad? Someone in another group said they had high copper and went to a naturopath that gave them supplements to lower it. I thought I read somewhere in this group it was good though, but I could be wrong. I honestly don’t remember.

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  1. Bioavailable copper is what we need.

  2. Increasing Ceruloplasmin is the method of changing unbound copper to bound copper.

  3. Becky Gritton
    Please forgive what may be perceived as an “off-color” response:

    Is sex good or bad?…

    I fully understand the sincere nature of your question, but the topic of Copper is the MOST confused, abused and myth-led issue in nutrition & medicine.

    The Narrative (i.e. FAKE NEWS) is that Copper is bad and Iron is good. That “booga-wooga-BAD Copper” vs “angelic Iron” is steeped DEEPLY into the minds & psyches of doctors, nurses & nutritionists — ALL OVER THIS IRON-TOXIC Planet…

    As Ziád notes, it’s ALL about having Bioavailable Copper to RUN & REGULATE the Iron in our body. There is NO Copper metabolism, and there is NO Iron metabolism… But there is Copper<>Iron metabolism and it’s a Ventriloquist Act, and Iron is the DUMMY…

    There are now 58 Posts on Iron Toxicity that profile just what happens when Copper is NOT bioavailable, and what happens to Iron and the Iron-induced Oxidative Stress that MOST SURELY follows…

    Hope that sheds some new & important light on a very confusing, but absolutely CRITICAL aspect of metabolic balance…
    o Copper needs to be BIOAVAILABLE via Ferroxidase enzyme…
    o Iron needs to be properly BOUND when Ferroxidase is optimal…

    Make sense?…

    A votre sante!

  4. Morley Robbins what does x3C> mean in your writings? I have searched the internet and am more confused now. I knew them as less than and greater than back in the day of new math. I am sure I am missing much of the meaning of your post not being computer or science symbol illiterate. Also could you toss in an explanation of ^^^ ? Thank you

  5. In my twisted world… x3C> = Interaction between…

    Sorry for cranking your Mg Burn Rate… 😉

  6. The carets^^ are drawing your attention to something in the line above…usually

  7. Thanks again Morley

  8. love it when Morley comments!

  9. Me too. He livens things up . Makes me want to read more.

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