is gingivitis related to Celiac?


This might be a stupid question but is gingivitis related to Celiac?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Absolutely yes!

  2. I have had gum issues for years. I get a cleaning every 3 months. Once a year I get a probe done which measures the pockets around my teeth. I had it done about 2 months ago, first time since being diagnosed and going gluten free, my numbers have improved!

  3. Yes and the horrific tonsil fucking stones.

  4. Idk but that would explain alot.

  5. I have receding gums. Definitely related to Celiac Disease.

  6. Yes. Also a vitamin deficiency can cause it too. I am extremely deficient on vitamin d and have to get weekly injections plus take oral supplements. \nMy teeth are visibly ok but I had gingivitis at my last cleaning and was told it’s due to my health.

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