Is hair loss a symptom?


Is hair loss a symptom? Ive always had problems with it but since going glutan free it seems to be worse

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Answers ( No )

  1. I have it but is my thyroid.

  2. I do because of my lupus and I do have thyroid issues so maybe because of that as well Megan? Malnutrition can do it.

  3. Im just getting handfulls out ive never had so much come out. Its freaking me out a bit. Wasn’t sure if its a vitamin im missing

  4. Yes my daughter has been loosing her hair too, no better GF, she has a thyroid issue

  5. If you aren’t absorbing the nutrients from your food, your hair isn’t getting the nutrients it needs either. So it can definitely be from celiac. As you heal it should all come back.

  6. Mine has slowed down. I have to use gluten free hair and body products or it falls out badly. My anemia doesn’t help. My ferritin is very low. Ferritin above 80 sustained is needed for hair growth. They are finding thus is a common thing with celiac. B12, folate and iron levels should be checked

  7. I have lupus and thyroid issue but since going GF it is really falling out more than ever. I am wondering the same question.

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