Is having lactic acid okay?


Hey, so something I was thinking about. If people are lactose intolerant, is having lactic acid okay? I know the Earth Balance products have lactic acid in them even though they claim they are lactose free, I’m just trying to understand it. Sorry if it’s a stupid question, I can’t find info online about it. Thanks!

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  1. Lactic acid is not the same as lactose. Lactic acid can be derived from many things. In earth blance it is not derived from dairy.

  2. I’ve often wondered this myself, good to know.

  3. I was told to use lactaid instead of milk and dairy too

  4. My son has a dairy intolerance. The GI doctor told me there are two parts to dairy. The sugar (lactose) and the proteins. My son cannot digest both. While many people think the lactose is what they have issues with it’s actually the proteins and lactose milk still has the proteins and soy milk is also usually not tolerated because the proteins are similar. We drink almond milk.

  5. Enriched rice milk is really good.

  6. Lactose is only the sugar from milk. All of the other parts are ok

  7. Not the same thing.

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