Is it a change in all my hormones?


Hello, looking for some help! I’ve been “officially” diagnosed with Hashis for over 3 years now, but know I’ve had it for atleast 11 years. I just gave birth to my daughter 4 months ago and during the pregnancy and right after my levels were all in range. This last month has been horrific! I wash my hair every 3-4 days now because I’ve been losing so much, it comes out in huge clumps every time. It’s never been this bad. I’m taking 2GR of Nature Throid and having my levels checked again this Tuesday.
My question is, those of you who have given birth did you experience this? Is it a change in all my hormones from not being pregnant anymore? Or has Nature Throid just stopped working for me? I fear before I can get this straightened out I will be bald, can already see spots forming.

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  1. 4 month after giving birth is the normal time to lose all the hair you didn’t lose whilst pregnant. It sucks but is perfectly normal. With my first I was shock too.

  2. Yes, post partum hair loss is very common. Washing your hair less won’t make a difference but things should improve once your hormones get themselved sorted out again.

  3. If it continues for many months and you actually do see round bald patches you may have alopecia areata but hang tight for now.

  4. From what I remember it last about a month. The regrowth is not much fun either.

  5. Every new mama loses a ton of hair! It is. Because while pregnant a woman’s body stops shedding hair so you are now experiencing 9 months of shed all at once. It’s completely normal.

  6. When I owned a hair salon, every woman who just gave birth lost a ton of hair for it seemed up to a month. Some were very worried and wanted Nioxin. I always told them no, wait it out, stay on a prenatal multi vitamin and see if they still want all those chemical in a few months.

  7. You really need to get blood work done. This can happen for several reasons and yes my hair fell out after giving birth.

  8. My husband has been cleaning my clogged drain for months literally weekly..i finally got the dr to change me from levothyroxine the generic to synthroid the brand i am hoping to have more luck..i feel your pain !!

  9. People naturally lose TONS of hair post pregnancy. During pregnancy your hair naturally becomes thicker and nails get stronger. After giving birth their is a natural drop in estrogen and this affects your hair. I’ve attached an article for you. Your timeline directly coincides with the timeline of your body’s natural drop in estrogen. I’d hold off on worrying about your thyroid for the time being. Enjoy your baby!! 🙂

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