Is it a good idea to take taurine for sleep?


When u are already feeling tired, low cortisol, adrenal fatigue, but high anxiety, is it a good idea to take taurine for sleep?
I cannot take too much magnesium as it makes me even more tired.

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  1. Taurine is good for kidneys, gut healing, helps to regulate heart beat and more I can't think of right now. Yes, I would start it.

  2. But be careful. Taurine can lower cortisol.

  3. I was in similar condition. I took ACs first, then added in MgGlycinate at night. Sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed (versus before, sleeping and waking up tired and achy). Still adding to things in from protocol (last night real beef liver and it was actually pretty good) and soon bee pollen.

  4. Want a simple solution for anxiety? Drop me a message.

  5. I use L-theanie (sp) from the natural food store for anxiety. It calms me with in 15 min.

  6. Magnesium, lithium orotate, B12/folate, L-theanine, adrenal supports (Adrenal Cortex Extract, ashwaganda, rhodiola), Holy Basil….

  7. morley robbins says if Mag makes u tired, u need the adrenal support he recommends

  8. Thank you all for the feedback
    Last night i tried the taurine, it did helped w anxiety. I'm not sure whether it lowered cortisol because i combined it w magnesium

  9. I have ibs-c & the whole food vit c from pure radiance seems to give me lots of gas & constipates me, so i have to reduce or stop otherwise it just contributes to my anxiety

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