Is it best to get fresh produce, or can I get frozen?


Hello! I’m new here. I joined because my symptoms are awful, especially my stomach issues. I’m on medication but I still have all of the terrible symptoms such as brain fog, anxiety, joint pain (although I do have RA), dizziness, overall malaise, and awful stomach pain and digestive issues. I am trying out a paleo diet but I have some questions. Is it best to get fresh produce, or can I get frozen? Is it okay to have a cheat day once in a while? I mean I would like to have a slice of cake at events, if you know what I mean ?. If anyone has other tips on reducing symptoms, I would love to know! Thank you so much!

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  1. Frozen produce is fine. Sorry you are still having symptoms. Are you on an adequate dose of thyroid medication? Any medication to treat your RA? Have you been checked for inflammatory bowel disease?

  2. Ok, I’m going to explain this in the way that best helped me understand. I did “paleo” for about 6 months, cheated here and there, (often) and never felt better, never lost weight, never had a reduction in my symptoms. Then I was exposed to AIP. AIP diet (Auto Immune Protocol or Paleo) is what changed everything. Basically you remove ALL food that could be causing an inflammatory response from your diet ***for AT LEAST 4 months!!!**** this gives your body and the cells that may be inflammed due to a reaction to a certain food, to be replaced, (the cell life cycle) with healthy cells that have not yet been exposed to something they react to (their “reaction” is a defense/inflammation). I did AIP diet for 9 months before someone told it to me like that…every time I cheated I was basically setting myself back by 4 months!! So then I did it 150% clean for 4+ months and have seen a 15+ lb weight loss, total reduction in fatigue, near total reduction in my anxiety and brain fog and joint pain. Please try AIP but please do it right. The longer you “cheat” the longer you’re putting off feeling good.

  3. I agree with the AIP diet advice, the best part is it will help your RA as well!

  4. Yep, no cheat for 4 or 6 months. Once I got my inflammation under control was I able to have an occasional cocktail.

  5. Hi Mae, I started my Synthroid at night and a lot of my symptoms went away. I’m on 88mg. Only found out in June 2017 I have Hashi’s, enlarged goiter with 4 swollen nodules.
    Changed my med time on my own, doc doesn’t know yet.
    But I wake up NOT tire, no brain fog, etc.

  6. I cut out Gluten and known dairy products that I know set off digestive issues.
    I needed to increase dairy, due to kidney stones, so I only have dairy that I know I can handle.

    Cutting out the gluten, as well as acidic foods really helped me feel better.

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