Is it enough to get an alcohol consumption reading?


If one uses Mag A Hol is it enough to get an alcohol consumption reading? My firefighter husband is asking and he wants to use it at work but doesn’t want to get in trouble. TY!

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Answers ( No )

  1. Idk but My husband just finished the fire academy and nightly Epsom bath soaks saved him

  2. MAG-A-HOL is easy to carry even at work.
    Since it is used topically, no trace of alcohol smell remains after 10 seconds.

  3. My husband is a LEO and I wouldn't send this to work with him… just in case. Can just make regular mag oil and save the Mag A Hol for home.

  4. Hes worried about the alcohol in Mag A Hol. Would it increase blood levels Hemant?

  5. I wouldn't chance it having it with him at work. Bring mag oil instead. I can't answer the other question.

  6. No very little alcohol is actually absorbed.

  7. A NOTE TO READ AND REMEMBER ABOUT ALCOHOL IN MAG-A-HOL. The Alcohol in MAG-A-HOL is a Trojan that carries Magnesium Chloride per say to the body through trans dermal infusion. When Magnesium Chloride mixes with Alcohol, it undergoes chemically loose bonding with OH molecule of C2H5OH and both become a complex . It is reported that when both react with each other, some sixty different compounds can be formed. Available Alcohol in MAG-A-HOL is so much less (Even if one uses liberally, he/she would hardly use 5 cc of MAG-A-HOL) per application …say on back area fully. Most of this evaporates on the skin itself . So in fact a very little amount of Spirit enters the body. A grown man cannot get drunk on such a little alcohol. Please take care that MAG-A-HOL does not go in your eyes.

  8. TY Nicole. How soon does one experience the effects? Immediately? After some time?

  9. The magahol works. Will take some time for it to work continuously. I have been using since march. Pain goes away for longer amount of time. I use less now than when i started. But i used many squirts n many times when i started. Now couple squirts n couple times a day.

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