Is it harder to get pregnant?


I was diagnosed about 8 months ago…. I went to the gyno because we weren’t getting pregnant. I needed my thyroid biopsied but everything came back normal. My TSH is now at 3.36 ( their standard range is 0.45-5.33 uIU/mL) and my T4 FREE IS AT 1.03 (their standard range is 0.61-1.44 ng/dL). I am on a dose of 112 mcg of Levothyroxine daily, they want my TSH down to 2.5. I guess my question is is it harder to get pregnant? We haven’t stopped trying since the diagnosis so is there a reason we aren’t getting pregnant!?

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  1. Yes. Besides the medicine do research on foods you should or should not eat. Certain veggies and fruits need to be cooked. And yes your tsh will be better a little lower.

  2. Just to name a few … Broccoli, cabbage, peaches, these are called “cruciferous” vegetables.

  3. Endocrinologist like when tsh is under 2.5 when ttc. I think the high tsh can cause miscarriages.

  4. Also tap water may aggravate your thyroid. It has added flouride, to prevent tooth decay, but when you already have a balanced diet too much can cause your thyroid to slow down.
    I know it’s difficult but try your best not to stress about getting pregnant. Stress is also bad on your thyroid.
    I’ve had this disease for many years and until the last 2 got worse with just taking the medication. I researched and they’re so much more you need to know.

  5. Try to find out if you may have PCOS, Polyocystic Ovarian Syndrome. That often goes hand in hand with Hashimotos. That may be causing fertility issues.

  6. Try focusing on your happiness and health. Eventually that little one should come. Not making promises but this is what I believe.

  7. Are you having a period every month? I was only having a period every other month, even after getting all my levels where they needed to be, so it made things very difficult to track. I was diagnosed in October, in March of this year we decided to stop trying because it was causing so much stress so we decided to just focus on our daughter and marriage…a few days ago I found out we are 8 weeks pregnant. Don’t give up hope, but don’t let yourself stress about it.

  8. If you are open, I know quite a few couples who have had success using doTERRA Essential oils to achieve a viable pregnancy and now are happy parent. I’d be glad to chat with you. Blessings to you!

  9. Acupuncture is another alternative. My acupuncturist has helped couples conceive with his procedures. He is amazing.

  10. Have ur gyno check for endometriosis or pcos. I got diagnosed with pcos and it causes infertility. I got put on meds for the symptoms and within a year got pregnant. Just gave birth little less than two weeks ago to a beautiful boy.

  11. Thyroid problems cause pregnancy problems. I have hashimotos disease which is an autoimmune disease with the thyroid.

  12. My recommendation is to go see a fertility specialist. We were having trouble getting pregnant and it was my fertility doctor who discovered I have Hashi’s. With the right fertility treatment (various meds, IUI, etc.), we were able to conceive about 5 months after starting fertility treatments. I’m almost 15 weeks pregnant with a health baby girl.

  13. I might have some hope for you! I actually got pregnant when my TSH level was 14. The doctors had no explanation. Once I got pregnant my levels went normal and stayed in the 1-2 area and stayed perfect after I had my baby boy almost 2 months ago!

  14. So it is possible!

  15. I’m about 8 weeks pregnant and my TSH is 3.87 the last it was checked. Not bad but not good either. So far, everything looks good. Everyone’s body is different.

  16. Well all that complaining and I was pregnant!!!! We are very early but the baby is in there!!!!!

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