Is it harmful to highlight or color hair when we have cancer?


Is it harmful to highlight or color hair when we have cancer? I’ve been doing it for many years. No my naturopath is telling me not to color it. But I have some great I would like to cover up. The salon has certified organic hair product. any recommendations on this?

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  1. Joanna I am focused on my healing and have been for the last three and a half years. But looking nice is also part of my recovery and helps my self esteem and how I feel about me. So I make sure that I take walks and I go to the gym and I like to look nice when I go out. I use only organic product on my skin and my hair and even in my makeup. I use the Environmental Working Group application before I buy anything just see if there is any carcinogens in the products. I don't think it is vain for people to want to look nice . Feeling good and looking nice both are important to me in my journey

  2. I decided to go grey 2 years ago…and i just love my grey is so soft and natural….but i do believe it is a personal decision…and u must be ready…

  3. Seriously I have to say the old cliche : "beauty comes within "

    What we put on our bodies 60% gets absorbed do its very important to know what's in our personal care products.

    If you actually look at the beauty and fashion industry ( clue ) , they are so not good for health and actually promote things all bad and the people involved don't look great.

    Models with weight issues and eating disorders, beauty therapists more than often plastered with make up and have skin problems.

    True or not ? Obviously not all though come on let's not pussy foot about , it's our health and commercialism has interfered with our wellbeing.

    Take control go natural and simple as possible. Smile be happy and don't come under the umbrella of a consumer for everything. You can make your own toothpastes and deodorants etc

  4. I saw on youtube about winalite shampoo which naturally dyes your hair while shampooing because of the negative ion. No chemicals, safe but I don't know who sells them here and where you can buy them. If you find a distributor, let me know. America tries to ban everyhing that is good for you.

  5. What about nail polish? I try to buy one that has left chemicals in it but I still wear it.

  6. Anything you put on your skin/scalp is absorbed directly into the bloodstream without benefit of being detoxified by the liver. Anything you ingest has the benefit of being detoxed by the liver. So toxins applied through the skin are especially deadly.

  7. Organic or not, hair dye contains toxic chemicals which are absorbed into the skin, if you want health then cut off toxicity every way you can

  8. My mom use to dye her hair. Even thru cemo n rad. She never lost her hair,and she never developed new issues. Although I remember her complaining later on her scalp hurting due to leaving the color dye on to long…

  9. Personally, I would not worry about the greys. You are still among the living, correct?! I can tell you that I listen to everything my oncologist tells me! Anything you put on your body affects you, just like everything you put in your body does!!

  10. sorry to say your life may depend on it is it worth the risk your body is fighting cancer why would you potentially risk all for color .gray is wisdom. go to a sight called raw figs

  11. Marian the way we look is important obviously however more so is what's happening inside , everything is a reflection. Tbh its your journey however you've asked a question. If it's pure Natural then dye it , though really it's part of growing / ageing / developing. If it's in conflict or may cause harm then don't do it 🙂 focus on the more important things if you ask me

  12. my oncologist an radiotherapist said no way. even organic an herbal can effect treatment. lost my hair anyway. so got realistic one 15 quid from House of Bath catalogue. everyone thought it my own hair. i had it cut on my head by friend to my likin it comfy. bin out in a gale. it never moved. dont take risks. so wat if it grey. you alive an still got hair. good luck. my head is a mess of scars after brain surgery. but alive. xx

  13. I have never colored my hair, I have read somewhere that PABA restores the hair to it's natural color. I'm starting to go bald but since I have gotten back onto the vitamin D I think it is returning.

  14. Hi nourish my outer and my inner. Both are important to me. Thanks everyone for your ideas

  15. Why worry about it your hair is your hair 🙂 nourish your soul more

  16. Hair is dead…avoid scalp with foil…that's the best you can do if you refuse to stop 😉

  17. Not ready to look that old yet

  18. Its amazing though how beautiful grey/silver/white hair looks with some good brows and some blush =)

  19. Option: boiled coffee and sage rinse, boiled sage and rosemary, or black tea and sage. It takes a few weeks but they work.

  20. Let it go natural. I get more comments on my natural hair color that I ever did when I was dying it.

  21. Naturopath said no Henna. Thanks Diane I had an amazing Thanksgiving hope you did too

  22. Use henna dye.

  23. Let it go natural.

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