Is it normal to have a violent reaction to gluten?


OK question….
Is it normal to have a violent reaction to gluten? Like the worst pain in your life, hospital trip, reaction??
Yes this did happen, spent 7hrs in the hospital yesterday…. I’m new to celiac and have been doing good until I glutened myself as I wasn’t thinking. I just wondering if its normal to have such a violent reaction???

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  1. Yes it was terrible…I am new to it also and still forget sometimes..

  2. Everyone reacts differently that sounds like you’re just highly sensitive.

  3. Yes. This happened to me several times before I was diagnosed. The pain was so severe I was screaming. Thought I was having a gall bladder attack.

  4. I had huge pains and nosea before I got diagnosed with celiac.

  5. Yes. I become completely doubled over unable to straighten my body because the pain is so severe.

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