Is it ok/safe to use milk of magnesia?


Is it ok/safe to use milk of magnesia on an open wisdom tooth extraction I had done today? It’s still bleeding if that matters…

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  1. It needs to clot otherwise you will be on a lot of pain with dry socket …… Lots of warm salty rinses once it clots ….

  2. How bad is it bleeding?

  3. I work for an oral surgeon

  4. Its not bleeding much… Has slowed down the past couple hours. The pain is pretty rough! I chose not to take anything. I'm hoping I can just hold some MOM in my mouth without messing up the clot.

  5. I don't what I am allowed to say on this page but you are going to have some drainage stick to cold drinks and food hold ice pack for about 20 minutes on and 10 minutes off I wouldn't recommend holding any fluid in your mouth because that will naturally cause suction which may dislodge the clot (causing bleeding) tomorrow gently start swishing with warm salt water. Stay away from doing anything tonight that causes suction…no using straws, brushing teeth,rinsing or spitting. If it starts bleeding again (bright red and soupy) take a wet wash cloth or moist tea bag then bite down while using a ice pack but only if it is excessively bleeding other than that keep things away from the site you don't want to dislodge that clot

  6. I had 4 dry sockets for over 4 days and let me tell you it was painful. Looking back I can't believe my doctor just said to keep taking over the counter pain med when I ran out of my prescription (well I can it was Christmas weekend) the first day offices opened my husband drove me there and demanded something be done.. Another surgeon saw me (since my Dr wss still on vacation lol) and packed them with some clove tasting stuff and within a minute it was sO much better! nerves being exposed to even just air can be pretty painful

    I'm telling u this so that u don't just try to tough it out when the excruciating pain can be gone in 1 minute.

  7. White willow bark for pain

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