Is it OK to put rice bran in the adrenal cocktail?


Is it OK to put rice bran in the adrenal cocktail? I have so many things that I am supposed to take on an empty stomach and I can’t fit them all in a day so I have been combining those two.

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  1. No, Jennifer nothing is to be added or subtracted from adrenal cocktails. You can do a search in the group- many people have posted their schedules to help others.

  2. Somebody posted this once, I copied it for myself…
    An example of my schedule:
    1. Take DE upon arising. Make the evening before & keep it in an 8 oz Mason jar on the bathroom counter next to the toilet. I've been known to swig it at 4:00 am if I wake up and am thirsty. Otherwise, I take it before doing anything else so that I can countdown to eating breakfast. Wait 60 min.
    2. Then eat breakfast. Take whole food vitamin C, 4 liver capsules, probiotic, digestive enzymes, 4 Jigsaw Magnesium, wheat germ oil, turmeric Golden Paste, Cod liver oil, and bee pollen. Make a mason jar full of Boron (3 tsp) and Mag Water concentrate (1/2 – 2/3 cup) and 1/4 cup H2O) to sit on during the day.
    3. Mid morning (halfway between breakfast & lunch) about 10:00 am- Take adrenal cocktail.
    4. With lunch, take wheat germ oil & digestive enzymes. Sip Mag/Boron water.
    5. Halfway between lunch & dinner, about 2-3:00- Take adrenal cocktail. About an hour later, I take milk thistle, elderberry syrup, magnesium glycinate, taurine, and L-glutamine. Sip Mag/Boron water.
    6. Eat dinner- take digestive enzymes & wheat germ oil.
    7. Close to bedtime take rice bran with at least 8 oz water.

    *The digestive enzymes and turmeric are not in the protocol but something I take for inflammation and to better absorb nutrients from my food.

  3. I take a boron supplement instead of Borax. Is that OK? What is the wheat germ oil for?

  4. That's why I haven't started this Jennifer! Too much stuff in one day it's overwhelming. :/

  5. I was hoping to combine the adrenal cocktail and the rice bran because I don't get up until late because I have insomnia and then I'm really tired in the morning and it's hard for me to get out of bed. I just recently found out I have Lyme.

  6. Diatomaceous earth first thing in the morning, rice bran last thing at night.

  7. Nicole salla.. where do you find the time

  8. Start with just a few things, let them become routine, then you add some more when you are ready. You don't have to implement everything at once.

  9. No. Rice bran last thing at night to strip bad metals from your gut.

  10. I take the rice bran just before bed, 2+ hours after eating

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