Is it OK to take p5p fo b6?


Is it OK to take p5p fo b6? The supplement I have says 30 mg. Is that too much? I have MTHFR gene and had read that b6 supplements can cause neuropathy. Is this true?

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  1. P5P is the methylated form of B6 and many benefit from it.

  2. Can it cause neuropathy and is 30 mg per day too much?

  3. Some people cannot tolerate more than 25 to 50 mg of P5P.

    I only take 10 mg a day which is a good place to start to see how you feel.

    It is amazing for detox and it helps you produce dopamine.
    Really helps you focus and complete tasks
    Great for social anxiety.

    Take it early in the day. It can give you wild dreams.

  4. Be very careful. I would suggest getting your levels checked first. Yes you can get too much and there is newer evidence that it IS stored in the body, contrary to popular belief. Yes it can cause nerve damage. There is a group on FB for B6 toxicity. One of the possible causes is a mutated form of e coli which overproduces both b6 and oxalate. B6 levels also have a genetic component. And don't forget many foods are "fortified" with it. It is better as much as possible to get b6 from food. But if you are deficient it is important to take. P5P is the coenzymated form.

  5. It is in an adrenal supplement my doctor suggested.

  6. I can't afford to take a bunch of tests all the time. Do you feel it is safe or no?

  7. Try small doses and see how you feel. It is a huge help to many of us. I buy the lowest dose I can get. I open the capsule and dump out a bunch so only one third left.

    See how you feel.

    Larger doses can cause anxiety or over stimulation for some people.

  8. I don't want neuropathy!

  9. I believe it also helps w regulating prolactin as well

  10. P5p is the active form of b6. Our ds10 takes 250 mg a day which is at the very upper limit)

  11. Really? Is there something there I missed about the MTHFR gene and negative susceptibility to B6?
    I'm heterozygous C677T.

    (Broken record here, but I just found out I'm B6 toxic.)

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