Is it okay to drink magnesium citrate with sodium


Is it okay to drink magnesium citrate with sodium. I’m on a ketogenic diet which some of you might know flushes sodium and other minerals out of your body pretty fast so just trying to think what to do to get my magensium and sodium back together. I already drank three large swollow of magnesium citrate…

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  1. Mag citrate isnt recommended since it negatively impacts ceruloplasmn.
    Taking in extra sodium and potassium are important when taking mag

  2. Can you fill me in on cerulopasmn?

  3. Also what is a good supplement?

  4. Here's what the founder of this site suggests to do. After reading the protocol below, go to or hit "home page". There are books, downloads and lots more. That's Morleys website. He's the owner of the webpage as well.

  5. So I may not have come here for the same reason most have. my natural magnesium levels are fine, I just dont eat sugar or carbohydrates and when the body doesnt have insulin in it it cant hold onto magnesium. So I know nothing about what adrenals even is… this is all NEW to me!

  6. This site is about a balance of minerals and vitamins as well as proper nutrition. I'm sure I'm leaving something out. As you're looking into, you evidently know, by your question, that one thing affects another. I'm still figuring it out as well. Morley or the admins can give you the science of it all. They do all over the site. You can do a search on the top for previous posts on the subject or search the attached files if the website doesn't answer it

  7. okay… I'm excited to learn. Is there anything I need to know about minerals that can help me loose weight, or regulate pcos or my cycle?

  8. Search at the top of the page those exact topics and you can read all the previous threads. There are a ton.

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