Is it possible to have a b12 deficiency


Is it possible to have a b12 deficiency if my b12 showed up “normal” on a blood test?
Theoretically, if I have the MFTHR genetic mutation, could that b12 not be absorbing properly?

Been having lots of neurological symptoms for months. I’ve seen 13 doctors and nutritionists. My current nutritionist I just started working with is suggesting I may not be methylating my b12, causing “electricity” shocks in my fingers and feet. She thinks I may have mthfr.
Only other things showing in labs are severe adrenal fatigue, high copper from the htma, selenium and vitamin a deficiency, and low b5. I have so much info about myself now but I still feel I have no answers to why the neurological symptoms??? Very lost. So tired of being 27 and feeling 80. Please help!

Symptoms are numbness, tingling, electricity fingers, “vibration” feeling in my feet, fatigue, hair loss, sometimes dizziness as I stand up, sit down.
I had a positive ANA, have been tested doe lupus and thyroid antibodies were all negative. I’ve had a normal MRI as well.

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  1. Vanessa – You're welcome! Good luck!

  2. There are 2.. nerve and blood vessel. Blood vessel is pretty obvious.. Nerve not so much.

  3. Carissa Livingston-Lundmark would massage help? Its both sides but get it at different times.

  4. You have to go to someone who specializes in TOS or they can make it worse. Correcting posture is the best thing. I actually had the nerve TOS (which took me months to figure out..) seen neuro doctors left and right.. had MRI, SPinal, Nerve Tests etc.. It was crazy! I had HORRIBLE POSTURE.. I had Physical Therapy and still trying to correct it after a year.

  5. Basically Myofacial Release Massage is what your looking for.

  6. Thank you Carissa Livingston-Lundmark

  7. And Adrenal Issues, Normal to High b12 levels and every single one of your symptoms except the ANA.

  8. I did have H. Pylori and Candida Overgrowth as well.

  9. I do have TMJ as well. I've always wondered if there's a relation

  10. Yep.. I had that too or should I say have! LOL

  11. Carissa Livingston-Lundmark I do have candida too! Ugh so many things, its no wonder doctors cannot "pinpoint" it to one problem

  12. Thank you for your help!!!

  13. Check and rule out H. Pylori as well. Simple Blood test.

  14. It really could be a combination of things for sure.

  15. My testing showed very high b12. I cut back. Felt like death warmed over. Went back to previous dose and feel much better. Go figure.

  16. Serum B12 is a worthless blood lab value. It speaks nothing of function and only reflects levels floating in the blood. The proper evaluation of B12 is a urinary biomarker called Methylmalonic Acid (MMA), it should be tested along side Formiminoglutamic Acid (FIGLU) which is the biomarker for Folate.

    Gene SNP such as MTHFR have nothing to do with absorption. So no, if you have the MTHFR mutation it does not mean you are not absorbing B12 properly. It would only mean you have reduced capacity potential.

    Methylcobalamin is misunderstood by the vast majority who recommend it. It is a better form than cyano-, yes. However, it has a half life of even seconds. Especially in those with severe deficiency. So called "liposomal b12" is a conflated idea to say the least and will not get your B12 levels corrected. Repletion of B12 and Folate must be done together and in the correct method.

    Aside from all that, it sounds like you are falling victim of those trying to practice "whole-list-ic" medicine, by giving you a whole list of pills to take, whereas you should be platforming off of food as medicine and eating specific to your metabolics and functional labs with supplements being just that. Supplements.

    I recommend consulting with an experienced Functional Medicine doctor.

  17. Lyme disease

  18. Anthony G. Beck thank you for your feedback. I did see a functional medicine doctor and she put me on about 15 supplements! From what I understand, she was still just "covering" up the symptoms. She did an htma, some blood tests, and I spent over $800 between the tests and supplements. I do not know who I am supposed to see who will help me figure what foods to eat. Even then, with low stomach acid I am not absorbing what I eat.
    Just caught in a circle. I really do not know who else to talk to

  19. Julie Thompson Lyons I had a negative ANA panel, would Lyme show up there?

  20. I say check for lyme as well

  21. I'm going through this now

  22. Might as well cover all your bases

  23. Yikes. That's a shame. I suspect that who ever that doctor was that they are not truly Functional Medicine trained. Lots of red flags on that based on what you are saying. I really hate when clinicians claim to be Functional Medicine and clearly they are not. My heart goes out to you for that.

  24. What do you think it is Anthony

  25. Anthony G. Beck, what is the correct method for correcting B12 and folate together? My folate was high due to folic acid supplementation to counteract methotrexate. I'm now off methotrexate but discovered I'm B12 deficient, so receiving injections. Somewhat scrambled up. Recent folate or folic acid tested at 19.

  26. I'm looking up Lyme and I just don't know. We have never been to wooded areas, etc and I don't remember ever having a rash.

  27. As with ANY and ALL diseases it can be one or any combination of the only 5 causes of any disease known to man kind. 1. Nutritional deficiency 2. Stressor (physical/psychological-real or perceived 3. Microbial infection 4 Allergen 5 Toxicity.

    The key is to begin with a comprehensive and thorough evaluation and retelling of the patients own story all the way back to and including in-utero. That will steer to which functional and advanced laboratory assessments that must be done to lend insight into the patients biochemical individuality and genetic uniqueness.

    There is a huge problem of people attempting to treat diseases and not treat the patient. Throwing supplements at symptoms is ridiculous and will only be throwing hand full of darts at a dart board and hoping one will stick, much less get a bullseye.

  28. It's a bit much to type here Barbara and its based on multiple factors unique to the patient. By what means did you determine your folate was high?

    Fol"ic" acid supplementation in the absence of B12 optimized will indeed yield B12 deficiency and drive up Homocysteine by way of what is called Folate trapping. So the take home is never take Folic acid but to take Folate and never do so without concomitant B12.

    What B12 injections and at what dose, what frequency?

  29. Anthony G. Beck that's exactly right!! Any suggestions on who could help me?

  30. Lyme is huge! No one remembers the bite or rash!

  31. Infections explains why your body is falling apart!

  32. Anthony beck I read your messages to Vanessa and I have the same ? Who I can go to

  33. Carissa Livingston-Lundmark – you mention 'earthing' earlier, please can you tell me a bit about it.

  34. Anthony G. Beck i was on methotrexate for several years and they always prescribe folic acid along with it to offset side effects, one of which is depletion of folate and therefore hair loss. No one tested ny B12 first! I think I was already low on B12 before I started mtx and folic acid. I had many neuro symptoms, some from longterm spinal cord compression which further muddies the picture. I had surgery to free my spinal cord and afterward my major numbness did go away very quickly (like one entire side of my body going numb from hips down). I have a complicated autoimmune inflammatory arthritis similar to RA, seronegative spondyloarthropathy. Back to folate….since i was taking folic acid to replenish what was being lost, I'm hoping it didn't do too much harm. I know it can mask B12 deficiency. I'm having cyano B12 injections every two weeks, 1mg I think. I take sublingual hydroxo a few times in between injections. Thank you for any insight and comments. I hope commenting here is good info for others…didn't mean to hijack Vanessa Ciastkos thread.

  35. "Gene SNP such as MTHFR have nothing to do with absorption. So no, if you have the MTHFR mutation it does not mean you are not absorbing B12 properly. It would only mean you have reduced capacity potential. "

    This really resonates with me. I hope the folks who tout MTHFR testing take heed to this……

  36. Oh, also Anthony G. Beck, my folic acid was determined high by serum test a couple of weeks ago. It was highlighted and showed >19. Range only showed >3 as normal but mine was highlighted per the usual indication of out of range.

  37. Lisa – i'm glad to hear this. I have a lot on my plate health wise and I know I have MTHFR mutations but my ND said just because I have them doesn't mean they are switched on or that I need to be concerned. I keep hearing people talking about MTHFR so it has made me a bit concerned I have not looked into it more. Do you think it's something to worry about?

  38. after seeing what Dr. Beck wrote, i'm not too worried. i'm gonna focus on other things.

  39. Methotrexate is a nasty chemotherapy drug like other chemotherapy drugs in that it targets rapidly dividing cells such as cancer cell and hair follicles. Hence, why the hair loss. Where most people get mixed up is that they are unaware that Fol'ate' and Fol'ic' are NOT the same thing. One of such persons are those of the current normal medicine genre.

    When they give Folic Acid they are unbeknownst to them and the patient making the bioterrain worse and further imparing its capacity to heal.

    I say this with care and compassion…..when I hear such things as "have a complicated autoimmune inflammatory arthritis similar to RA, seronegative spondyloarthropathy"….this is an example of WHY so many are on the lone and dreary road of lack of wellbeing. That is the name it, blame it, tame it game in full presentation.

    Diseases are complete illusions! No one "has" one of them. What people are experiencing are down stream manifestations of upstream biochemical dysfunctions.

    This is most important because it lends ONLY to treating that illusionary named thing we consider a disease. With that come giving "it" things such as B12 shots (eg. cyanocobalamin) which incidently is a garbage molecule.

    When you get your next CyanoB12 shot….ask to see the bottle. You will find that it like vaccines has OTHER ingredients…namely Aluminum. It's clearly seen on the bottle in small print. So with that B12 you are taking to support neurological symptoms…you indeed getting an agent of neurological destruction.

    Lastly, serum folic acid is much like serum Mg…speaks nothing of function. So "high" serum Folic acid revealed nothing to you.

    The MTHFR gene SNP is one of the many current sizzle topics because its kinda sexy and cool but I have yet to find anyone realize that is but one of MANY factors that must be considered in the ENTIRE patient story.

    Sorry for being so lengthy. :/

  40. Dang!
    I'd better stop having my mom get those B-12 shots…
    I didn't see aluminum on the bottle…'s really tiny.

  41. Whew! Okay, thank you Anthony G. Beck. What is the proper test to get for folate level please? Yes I know mainstream doctors like folic acid and they are quite specific about it. I asked if I could switch to 5mthf and rheum said no. So I discontinued methotrexate. Yes, it is nasty. I am on a path to healing now.

  42. The proper evaluation of B12 is a urinary biomarker called Methylmalonic Acid (MMA), it should be tested along side Formiminoglutamic Acid (FIGLU) which is the biomarker for Folate.

    Fire that Rheum and get someone who realizes you are the boss and not them. You don't need their permission to do what is right.

    I do humbly submit that I am available to work with any of you, whereas, I see patients virtually from all around the world. Anyone is welcome to contact me here on FB.

  43. Yes Lyme can trigger a positive Ana. Mine was positive when first diagnosed with lyme. Now is negative. All your symptoms sound like mine.

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