Is it possible to have cancer with low/no hcg levels?


Is it possible to have cancer with low/no hcg levels? In other words, is a pregnancy test a reliable way to test if you have cancer?

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Answers ( No )

  1. From my research if you have the right pregnancy test yes. It does work. Many doctors are aware that cancer can cause false positives.

  2. Tara Techh not sure why I couldnt tag you.. and of course this would only be a 99% confirmation..

  3. @Tara Techh so essentially you are saying that you believe if a woman wants to know whether she has cancer or not, a pregnancy test can confirm yes or no, as long as she knows she is not pregnant?

  4. What happens if you have lung cancer, unknown, and take hcg shots to loose weight. Does it effect the cancer. I was diagnosed with lung cancer just after taking hcg shots for 11 days.

  5. That's for men only if he pees on it and comes up positive then he has prostate cancer

  6. You need to be on an iodine supplement if you have breast cancer, look up Dr Brownstein book on Internet
    He is in the USA but it is reported that he is not taking any new patients at present,

  7. Cancer is a deficiency of a bodily function, your immune system is not working properly so it is deficient in vitamin c and selenium, if your immune system was working properly your body would be able to fight off inflammation so you would not have cancer. Boost your immune system to heal yourself

  8. No, it can show up in blood tests if you are pregnant,

  9. Thanks for the info Tara Techh

  10. Anne Carlson, no test exists for the ALPHA subunit of HCG. This may be the reason for the ocational negative test result in an established cancer patient.

  11. I have cancer and my pregnancy test was negative. I was curious about that a few months ago.

  12. C. Is not a deficiency of a bodily function. C. Is nothing more then damaged mutated cells…

  13. Yes! I'm a cancer coach. I wouldn't rely on a pregnancy test, though. I use this for my clients. It's relatively inexpensive and accurate. You mail in a sample. The instructions are on the site on how to prepare and mail your specimen. Here's a site that explains it a bit more in depth. I'd like to correct some errors in previous posts – if a man takes an Hcg test, even if it's a pregnancy test it doesn't mean he has prostate cancer, it means he has some type of cancer. High Hcg levels detect cancer, based on the stem cell theory of cancer. It doesn't detect what type of cancer. Hcg tests can be performed on nonpregnant women, too, with accuracy. Just make sure to abstain from "intimacy" for a number of days (instructions on website ) before collecting your specimen.

  14. I think there's a lab in Hollywood, FL that tests HCG hormone levels. And mail in urine analyses.

  15. Hmm I have breast cancer I should take a test see what it says lol

  16. Ph test strips

  17. Actually I recently heard that HCG levels can be tested as a cancer marker (because cancer causes HCG to rise also), but I have no idea what thresholds you'd be looking for or whether a pregnancy test could measure it reliably. There are theories out there that your body behaves similarly with cancer as it does with pregnancy in protecting the "growth" like it would a baby.

  18. Like Sally said, if a man takes a pregnancy test and it shows positive, then they have prostate cancer.. The test means they have high hcg levels which you only have when you are pregnant or a man with prostate cancer…

  19. With all due respect, from a physiologic and biologic point of view – that doesn't even make sense. What's our thinking on this? What did you hear?

  20. If a man takea a pregnancy test and its positive, then he needs to get checked for prostate cancer though.

  21. A lump in my breast.. just getting some money together for thermography.. was just curious, could it be that easy..

  22. Pregnancy tests are designed to detect more HcG in your body. You're asking about low levels. I would not use that to detect cancer if that's the case

  23. That's a new one, I wouldn't trust it, but I don't take pregnancy tests, either. I suppose it might highlight a symptom (acidic urine), but I'd just act like you do have cancer and start fighting it. Where is the issue in your body?

  24. was that no to the first question or the second.. and how do u know?

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