Is it safe to remove mercury fillings?


Is it safe to remove mercury fillings? I’m going to have mine done and know nothing about. What precautions do I need to take to make sure the dentist does it right? My Mercury came back elevated on my heavy metals test.

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  1. Ashley—it is critical that you find a dentist that has the proper equipment to do this—-you'll need to reserach it, you need to be on oxygen so you don't inhale the mercury bits that float in the air, a dental dam, the right ventilation in the treatment room, there's a lot to it—-look for a "holistic dentist" in your area—-it they don't have a special room and the proper equipment, I'd wait until you find the right person—-you don't want more mercury by inhaling it and then having to deal with lung issues also. Good Luck! 🙂

  2. Maybe this is a dumb question, but if mercury fillings are harmful and I am assuming expensive to have removed, would it be better to have them pulled? A partial is not my thing, but….

  3. I'm sure that once the mercury is removed, there would be plenty of worthwhile tooth left to save. I would only consider removing if there are root canals in the tooth.

  4. I respectfully disagree. It is much more dangerous to have a filling taken out then to have a whole tooth pulled.

  5. Ashley, I'd do everything to prevent pulling teeth—it is expensive to remove mercury, however it can be done safely and a tooth can be rebuilt—some dentists are now using cubic zirconium, which doens't seem to affect anything in the body—-and you might have some "bling"! 🙂

  6. I was a licensed physical therapist for 40 yrs, and also did a lot of TMU rehab—–pulling a tooth is a BIG deal—can cause all sorts of problems, balance, tinnitus, changes in the biomechanics of the spine, I could go on and on. In energy medicine, I would never do a post for a tooth–interferes with meridian energy flow—just like a hip replacement or knee replacement and then you'd need energy work to solve that problem—just find the right dentist—and you really wouldn't have any bling in your mouth, it's not polished. 🙂

  7. Definitely find a holistic dentist. The paragraph at the bottom of the link gives you some questions you can use to find someone who has been trained properly. They *should* have additional training to deal with this stuff, so they should have some sort of credential that they have been through a program to learn about safe mercury removal.

  8. The other option, is find someone who does energy work to teach you how to remove toxins from your body and leave your teeth alone—-that's what I've chosen to do and I don't have high mercury either.

  9. Joyce, I've never had a root canal. I have two very tiny Mercury fillings. Would these be worth removing?

  10. So should I just have the tooth pulled, or the filling removed and replaced with a white composite? I found a holistic dentist in St. Louis but haven't been in yet

  11. Ashley, do what "resonates" with you that is in your highest good. Avoid a root canal if possible.

  12. Good answer, Candace! Also, Ashley, see if you can go into the holistic dentist for a consultation or see if they might give free consultations over the phone. That might help you make your decision. If your fillings are small, then it sounds like you have a lot of good tooth left. As Candace mentioned, pulling a tooth is not a benign alternative. Both situations have risks.

  13. Is there a high chance of the Mercury leaking into my blood stream while they are taking it out?

  14. Ashley–ask the dentist you find—-my friends and experience say highly unlikely when done correctly—I still ask—just to cover your bases and any fears you may have.

  15. Ashly Ashley Powell i had 14 fillings with 2 crowns removed 3 years ago. I went to a,biological dentist. By the time i went mine were all leaching. I was deathly sick. Even though i had precautions taken i still had the vapors in me. Some people dont get sick and others really get sick like me
    My advice is get them out but firstcwork on adrenals and thyroid. Work on your colon . parasites liver in that order. I had leaky gut. Dont trust just a,holistic dentist. Must be a biodentical dentist. Pm me if you have any questions

  16. Thank you Darlene. Where are you located? I'm in Missouri

  17. I am in maryland

  18. Join the group Andy cutler chelation think tank

  19. Ashley Powell yes check out Huggins above. Also check to see if you have Mthfr. With this genetic defect which i found out i had later it is harder to excrete mercury

  20. Candace Sneed-Studebaker….seriously a tooth extraction can cause tinnitus? Well, I'll be! I just had a tooth pulled a few months ago and shortly afterwards this infernal buzzing in my ears started. I wonder now…..

  21. It is because your teeth are connect to organs in your body.

  22. I do have mthfr. I have to use methyl b instead of cobalamin

  23. Ok then you are taking stuff for it!,Thats great! Are you doing methyl folate to Ashley Powell?

  24. I had all mine removed and my root canals pulled. I used a dentist who specialized in this. Idid vit.civ's for detox.

  25. Candace Sneed-Studebaker , even the extraction of the wisdom teeth is dangerous? I'm asking you because all my symptoms started 4 days after these extractions…

  26. Darlene I'm taking pure encapsulations methyl b12, and a basic b complex by Thorne. I think one of them had folate in it

  27. Ashley sounds like you are doing the right things. Now find a biological denttist!

  28. Flora, extractions of teeth can cause multiple problems, the mouth is full of bacteria, trauma to bone, jaw misalignment, to name a few. I missed what you said about what symptoms you have 4 days after the extractions—if you are ok with it—post again what happened. 🙂

  29. Sheree—West. Med will tell you "no that's not true, or say you still have microscopic swelling"—energy work will teach you techniques for it to go away, whatever the cause. If you are interested in energy techniques, send me an email and we can visit, I can send pix if needed to help also. [email protected] Put Sheree in the subject line so I won't delete it. Happy to share what I have learned. 🙂

  30. The extraction site is completly healed up and not sore at all. In fact, that was the easiest extraction and heal time I have ever experienced. However, the loud buzzing in my ears started about a week or two after the extraction. Its very annoying at times.

  31. Sheree Tompkinsdo you still have amalgams in your mouth?

  32. Darlene, each tooth has a meridian that passes through it. So anything with teeth can affect the entire energy system of the body.

  33. I had a person almost die because they had severe hidden adrenal issues which they neglected to take care of properly despite my suggestions. Some online expert with no clinical experience on line told them "They did not need to address adrenal imbalances, it was not necessary". Well they found out the hard way ending up in ER room in full adrenal crisis 6 weeks after the mercury removal when the mercury actually releases from the tissue and comes rushing out. The person was discharged from my practice. If they are going to removal them then they should do it in quandrants to reduce the stress on the body..

  34. I had to address my adrenals and thyroid. Mercury messes with evrrything in your body.

  35. Mthfr
    Adrenal fatigue
    Leaky gut
    What's best safest way to remove

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