Is it safe to use existing bread machine to make gf bread?


My son needs to go completely gf is it safe to use existing bread machine to make gf bread? Same question with pasta machine (roller & cutter) Thanks

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Answers ( No )

  1. Absolutely not

  2. No, too many cross contamination issues. After celiac diagnosis, we overhauled the entire kitchen: mixers, toasters, bread machines, wooden cutting boards and wooden spoons, griddles, cast iron, baking stones- all were donated to someone else and new ones were purchased.

  3. Wow really? I haven’t used it since diagnosis.. but Mine has been through the dish washer and was going to use it in next couple of days… does that not make a difference? Surely a restaurant wouldn’t have separate cake tins and plates etc though.. they’d just put them through the dish washer? X

  4. Cross contamination don’t use it. Im in USA and when I went to Disney World the Chefs would make me gluten free stuff and also show you what you could eat at the buffets that wasnt gluten. They said everything is seperate and their very serious about it.


    I’m going to go against the trend and say yes but only if you thoroughly clean it (I took mine apart) and then only use it for gf foods in future.

  5. Can I use a toastie maker used for gluten but wrap my gf sandwhich with foil?

  6. Changing all foods out and most of kitchen appliances just want to do the best for my 5yr old son but very costly all at once so trying to prioritise

  7. Absolutely not. Cross-contamination

  8. No, both should really be replaced.

  9. Nope!! Buy a new one.

  10. Clean thoroughly. No need to replace expensive equipment. This is coming from 15 years and five family members’ experience.

  11. I would think bread maker would be able to be super cleaned but too many small parts on the pasta roller

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