Is it the B vitamins in the bee pollen?


Morley recommended bee pollen so I thought I’d try it. I’ve been taking it every morning for a few days and my energy levels are the best they’ve been in 2 years! Coincidence? Has anyone else had this with bee pollen? Is it the B vitamins in the bee pollen? I’ve taken B vitamins before and have never experienced this. It’s a little bit scary – I’m almost hyper, or maybe I’m just not used to having this much energy

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  1. Michelle Stewart. Where do you live? Did u buy locally? Thanks just curious as I live in nz and I thought I remember u living in nz too. Cheers

  2. Abby Baxter, I had NO idea that they have to kill bees to get Royal jelly??? I have a whole jar of Royal Jelly from that Royal Jelly bee company. I have only used it a couple of times (don't like taste!) but now I feel sickened at just the mere thought.

  3. Katie Lee Bruhn I'm in New Plymouth

  4. In answer to the question "Do they have to kill bees to get royal jelly?"Best Answer: I am a bee keeper, or bee guardian if you will. No you do not. As a matter of fact you never have to kill any bees in the harvesting of honey, wax or royal jelly. Though many commercial bee keepers have a tendency to harm, stress or kill the bees to make their collection it is not necessary and more and more bee keepers are becoming more responsible with their practices, especially since the onset of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).
    Royal Jelly being the very specific honey concoction fed only to the Queen Bee and brooding Queen Bees. This has been utilized for centuries as a health tonic internally and in body care topically due to its exponential amount of nutrients and anti-oxidants and healing properties related to such.

  5. I thought u lived in NZ where do u get your bee pollen from? And do u eat it naturally don't mix with anything? Thanks

  6. I just went into my local health food shop and saw it there. I remembered that Morley had recommended it as a good source of B vitamins and I was out of my Mega Food Bs so thought I'd try the bee pollen. Was not expecting the burst of energy but it happened 3 days in a row. I added a teaspoon to my morning smoothie. Reading some of the comments today perhaps that's too much. You know that nesting/cleaning urge you get at the end of your pregnancy? Multiply that by 10 and that's what I had yesterday 🙂

  7. All I can say is wow! I hope it works for me!

  8. I bought this Royal Jelly with Korean Ginseng and Eleuthero.. I could not take the smell 🙁 yukk .. I don't remember now what I got it for.. From Organic Bee Farms.. So, it's a good natural B source? Maybe if I added cinnamon, I might could tolerate it.. It's worth another try, since it's just been sitting here….

  9. I put it into my smoothie which has coconut water, banana, blueberries, spirulina, camu camu, cacao and maca. It wasn't till I added the bee pollen that I noticed the energy super charge 🙂

  10. Holy Cow !
    That's awesome !
    I think I'm going to get some bee pollen …

  11. Michelle. When u add spirulina to your smoothie can u taste it. I hate the taste of spirulina it can be overpowering

  12. Katie Lee Bruhn I can't taste the spirulina in my current concoction above but it's a ghastly green-purple with the blueberries 🙂

  13. Does anyone know if Bee pollen increases estrogen?

  14. Dawn Mitchell Kidd, whatcha think?

  15. Robin Williams I'm thinking we knew this when we were veggies. Lol But I know I can't eat the pollin. Lol But I eat raw honey. I might try royal jelly. Jacks mom & dad raised bees. They gave me some honey that had pollen in it. She thought it would help my allergies. My tongue & mouth felt swollen. My throat itched. I didn't eat anymore. That was a taste of a teaspoon. Not the whole thing. I wonder if royal jelly would do harm. I know when I eat raw my skin itches some. But not bad.

  16. I read somewhere that bee pollen raises testosterone, and having PCOS and hormones being out of whack anyway that is the last thing I need!

  17. I have a jar of her pollen that's been opened but never used that's many years old, is it garbage?

  18. Martha since honey keeps for decades I would try it & see.

  19. Ok so probably super stupid question, can I take both bee pollen and royal honey at the same time?

  20. Bee pollen granules are tiny enough to simply swallow if you don't care for the taste.

  21. Or put the bee pollen in capsules.

  22. Where do you buy Royal Jelly? Is that the brand?

  23. I took bee pollen and discovered I was allergic to bees. My throat started swelling shut. Had no clue. I have heard great things about it. But it about killed me

  24. Bee pollen gives me so much energy!!

  25. The video said not to use if you are allergic to bees. I swell if I get stung. But I don't get asthma like a contraindication for taking listed. (Is there anyone that doesn't swell when you get stung?) Can I take it anyway? Need energy!

  26. Swelling is part of an allergic reaction.

  27. Questions I have not seen answered and curious myself about; does bee pollen raise testosterone? And can you take both bee pollen and royal honey at the same time? Also does it have any other vitamins in it other than B?

  28. Use it all the time in smoothies, about a tbs…vitamins, anti inflammatory, and most importantly enzymes that help digest all the raw greens etc in smoothies. It def changes the taste of the smoothie tho. My mom just chews the granules. I sometimes grind it up and sprinkle a tiny bit in my kids toast, cereal etc. When the body is in balance I personally don't think you shd worry about testosterone in a small amt of be pollen but that's just me. I get mine from Vitacost along w raw honey where you can see the actual list of vitamins on the label when you search it on their site. I've read of ppl who were cured of pain from bee sting therapy so it would be interesting to hear from anyone using it topically like a paste

  29. i personally LOVE bee pollen

  30. Where can I buy this stuff in person? Who sells bee pollen?

  31. Check your local famers market or co op.

  32. I keep my pollen frozen, it helps keep it fresh, and can be eaten straight in a frozen form. It does not go rock hard, and keeps separated.

  33. 155 comments. How's do threads get so long? I cannot tolerate bee pollen. It acts like caffeine to me, even using just 3 granules.

  34. I thought Bee Pollen was another supplement to waste money on.

  35. Linda on my bottle it says rich in vitamin E, high in B12 and 22 amino acids. As for testosterone and royal jelly I still have to research.

  36. Wonder if this is something I can try while breastfeeding?

  37. Will bee pollen affect blood pressure?

  38. Carol Nicola I'm glad to meet another bee guardian! We keep bees naturally as well- 45 hives, no chemicals, no swarm prevention, no feeding of sugar or corn syrup and no losses in 2yrs. You and I know bees don't 'have' to be killed but commercial beekeepers that supply royal jelly apparently don't. Perhaps the kind hearted folks on this thread could put a bit of effort into researching their sources- for the bees and their own health!

  39. Nicole, Bee pollen won't increase testosterone levels.

  40. pollen is a wonderful whole-food source of minerals

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