Is IV MgS04 500 mg ok for 9 yearold child?


Is IV MgS04 500 mg ok for 9 yearold child ? Anything good or bad for this type of magnesium ??
Thank you !!

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  1. It is magnesium sulfate (epsom salts)
    Often used in ERs and the maternity ward to stop labor.

  2. Is it bad Nicole Hightower ? should i say no to this IV ? they want to combine it with Gluthatione, PC, Vitamin C and EDTA …

  3. Jiti Damayanti – MgSO4 has been safely used via IV for a very long time. The child quite sick?

  4. What for? This is a good way to get magnesium, and I wouldn't say no for that.

  5. Ok it's good to know . He has autism MJ Hamp.
    Thank you Brandon Evans
    He gets it weekly and i want to make sure the combo is ok beside the type of Magnesium.

  6. What is PC?
    I question why the EDTA…?
    I would say long term, a whole food C supplement would be better.
    Gluthatione is great.

    Do you notice it helping?
    The Magnesium and Sulfur should be good. And if you haven't already, a daily magnesium supplement and epsom salt (with baking soda and borax) baths would also help.

    But yep, its a good type for bathing and IVs 🙂
    Just wanted to offer my two cents on the rest of it.

  7. Posphatidyl choline for PC
    EDTA is because the amount of aluminum in his body is off chart – it is chelating agent
    Brandon Brandon Evans
    yes it is helping – giving him language.
    can you give me recipe for baking soda+borax+epsom salt ? i need the ratio
    thabk you !!!

  8. The PC sounds like a good idea too.
    Totally understand the EDTA then, I was just concerned because it can pull stuff too fast or good minerals.. BUT it sounds like the doctor that ordered this is amazing!
    That is amazing to hear! Again, sounds like a great medical team you are working with 🙂

    It varies on here what people recommend, But I would say the amount for a child should be the same as an adult, they are smaller and have less skin area, so they absorb less.

    The epsom salt is good for detoxing in a bath, not so much upping mag (while the IV is great for raising mag) So them working together should be good.

    1-3 teaspoons of borax (I have seen a tablespoon or too recommended before, but less often)

    Between 2 tablespoons and up to a cup of baking soda.

    And 1-3 cups of epsom salt.

    You can also add a cup of mag chloride as well to raise magnesium.
    ^Start with small amounts, make sure his skin isn't sensitive to it, then work up until the water feels nice and leaves his skin soft and him feeling calm and relaxed.

    Again, glad to hear it is helping, and I am jealous you found such an amazing doctor that would prescribe this.

  9. Brandon Evans we've done this for years, it just that i added MgS04 for the past month and thought to run it here to make sure it is good type of magnesium.

    in the past i normally added trace minerals and has magnesium in it but very little. we deal with lyme disease so he is low in magnesium.

    it is Defeat Autism Now doctor who prescribe this. the child was severe and diagnose as mentally retarded and now he is in high functioning after 5 years chelation. still far from being normal but we will get there one day!!

  10. Yep, good for IV, good idea to check 🙂 Should help with that.

    That is awesome! Again, glad to hear. It makes me so happy to see "alternative" health methods working and giving people their lives back, or a chance at a full one 🙂

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