Is Life Savers Butter Rum Gluten Free?


Does anyone know if Life Savers Butter Rum is gf? I know that the original flavor and wintergreen ones are but I’m finding mixed info on butter rum. Please don’t judge on the sugar.


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  1. I would be weary of the vinegar and caramel color

  2. Caramel color is gf in the US

  3. But the corn syrups and Carmel color are no bueno for you.

  4. I would say no due to the natural and not sure about the vinegar

  5. I vote no bc of Wrigleys company (can’t guarantee gluten free) , Molasses, and the caramel color.

  6. I’ve had no problem with them at all!

  7. Thanks everyone for your input!

  8. Eat them!!

  9. Those were literally a “lifesaver” when I was in Vegas

  10. Love those, I buy them from Amazon.

  11. Omg where did you find the butter rum flavor? I haven’t seen those in years and those were my favorite!

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