Is my simple “guac” a decent adrenal cocktail substitute?


I was away from home visiting a friend and I took my epsom salt bath with baking soda and borax. I got the jitters, but I didn’t have adrenal cocktail ingredients, except salt. I knew I needed potassium and vitamin c with the salt. I realized I had half an avocado, pretty high in potassium. I squeezed some lime juice on it, added sea salt and ate it, and it totally calmed things down. I don’t know if the timing was even valid for this to have truly been a rescue mechanism, but I sure felt better after I ate it. Lots better. Questions: Is my simple “guac” a decent adrenal cocktail substitute? And is it okay to do both the magnesium bath and the adrenal cocktail simultaneously or close together? I know mid morning and mid afternoon are suggested, but I’m unclear as to whether the timing is critical. Thanks for any guidance!

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  1. Avocados are great for a rescue, especially with salt and lime. Good for you

  2. Yaaaay. Thank you so much! Plus I love avocado, lime and salt and that can be a great tonic for me.

  3. Been a year without palps since starting mag, till recently didn't know what I did then and not doing now, well just figured it out. Avocados! I used to eat one a day with lime and pink salt/ Haven't had any in long time. Thanks Barbara and MJ.

  4. Good to know I love avos too so will remember this idea…thanks..

  5. MJ Hamp, can you suggest the optimal ratios of salt and lime juice to go with say 1/2 an avocado?

  6. If it works don't fix it Barbara. I carry real salt nu-salt & lemmon concentrate w/ me where ever I go. I think that was really creative of you
    . In a pinch I have done just pink (Real Salt) salt water. If I was really pressed I would use any salt rather then non

  7. I eat an avocado almost every day. What substance do they contain that's good?

  8. Healthy fat and potassium rich! 😀

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