Is peanut butter not a good thing?


I have done and tried everything to lose the weight I have gained and nothing I mean nothing is working. I do a lot of protein shakes and apples and peanut butter. Is peanut butter not a good thing? Cause I feel like I have just gained more 🙁

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  1. Can someone share some info on Keto?

  2. My husband is trying to gain weight. Doc told him to eat lots of peanut butter and banana sandwiches! So I'd try something other than peanut butter.

  3. Find some change you can stick to. Find someone to help you if you need, nutritionist maybe.

    You can download app called Myfitnesspal it’s free. Log in everything you eat maybe for a week and see how many kcal you are eating. It’s about eating less then you spend or maintaining then eat the same.

    When you have the correct idea there there are free calculators online to tell you the macros, be careful to get enough protein/carbs and fat. We use it all to fuel our body and it’s all important for us (keto makes you use fat instead of carbs but for many it’s just to hard to sustain)

    If you just start with one step at the time. Start by calculating your kcal. Then make small changes to more healthy food and with time learn about macros. Don’t try to change all at the same time also.

    Just by f.ex not eat the chocolate that day (250kcal) and go for a 20 min brisk walk (250 kcal) you already have 500 kcal less that makes 3500 over the week. Often it’s about just taking responsibility and know what you are consuming.

    For me I eat healthy and I move everyday. I’m learning personal training and I love everything that eating correct and being active gives you it’s not only for weight loss but mental health as well!

    Good luck and send me if you have questions! ♥️♥️

  4. Cut out the peanut butter

  5. Follow the vegetarian slimming world diet it's good

  6. Counting calories worked for me. I used the My Fitness Pal app to stay around 1200 a day and lost 45 lbs:

  7. Building muscle will help you lose weight… Each pound of muscle requires more calories then each pound of fat… Im 5'4 sit at 170 and I honestly only have half an inch of fat layering my muscle in the worst spots… High protein and lots of veggies with help you cut weight as well…

  8. Keto….I started with the Optavia 5 in 1 kit to help start the keto process.

  9. I started keto on new years day I'm down 20lbs. Nothing else has ever worked for me.

  10. Sometimes it's not diet or exercise. After years of well-meaninged “advice” on this diet or that diet and a consistent weight gain on 1700 cals a day with an average 500 cal deficit I asked my doc for weight loss drugs. They worked. I'm 5-2 and I'm down 40#. I used Qsymia. YMMV. Good luck with finding something, whatever it is, that works for you!

  11. I've been doing weight watchers online and it works

  12. Peanut butter and protein shakes usually have a lot of sugar. I can't lose any weight while eating sugar not matter what else I do.

    Edited to add: not only can I not lose weight, but I gain rapidly when my sugar intake increase even slightly (like a few days of eating a piece of birthday cake ). I can lose a few pounds a week easily just by completely cutting out sugar.

  13. Did you have insulin and glucose curve done?

  14. peanut butter is inflammatory.

  15. For me no matter how I restrict myself i cannot lose a single pound. I work out at an intense level 3 times per week, walk a lot at work and watch what I eat limiting my carbs, protein shakes with almond milk and can't lose a single pound

  16. Keto!! I've lost 55lbs the reason I like it to much is because I always feel full.when I was just doing low calorie I was starving all the time which would lead me to being on sugar and carbs.

  17. Keto is the ONLY thing that works for me. I just started a week ago and I'm down 5 lbs. Honestly I haven't been able to lose 5lbs in months, let alone in a week. Plus, I feel much better on it. Good luck hun…I totally know what you're going through!

  18. I see some follow Keto and other do AIP- how do you know which to do? They seem different from one another, so how did you decide? Trial and error? I had Hashi's and hypothyroidism- Just had my thyroid removed due to a tumor if that helps.

  19. I am limiting carbs and finally losing

  20. Stop eating peanuts!! Everyone. They are a mold product, and cause inflammation. They are not good for you. Cashews and such are fine. Peanuts – do not eat them again!

  21. I'm not quite sure why it is, but I think I have read several times that peanuts are not good for us.

  22. PB is high in sugar and fat

  23. Look into the ketogenic diet. It's the only thing that has worked for me. My doctor actually recommended it to me. There are many FB pages and groups you can join. You will need the support and information from others to help you through it.

  24. try cutting out sugar. No added sweeteners. Peanut butter is high in calories, but it doesn't meant it's bad for you. In contains a lot of protein. Peanut butter isn't found naturally in nature and we would have to dig up hundreds of peanuts to make it. Think of peanut butter as a delacacy and be sure to track the amount of calories you are taking in. A slice of toast with a thin spread of unsweetened peanut butter and strawberries or bananas on top is a favorite of mine 🙂

  25. Victoza has some very scary and serious side effects.

  26. Some peanut butter is just awful. Find out what your food allergies are and don't eat them

  27. Peanut utter will add the pounds.

  28. PB causes inflammation due to peanuts being highly inflammatory 🙁 try almond butter!

  29. Let yourself sleep. You need a few days to not wake up to an alarm.

  30. Have you tried almond butter? What's your calorie count a day? I didn't start losing till I removed sugar, journaled all good, calories and exercise. It's a process and struggle.

  31. I love peanut butter but have found it makes me cough. I think I'm allergic to it and it goes to my hips I need to enjoy the PB2 for taste and less calories.

  32. Peanut butter is anti hypothyroid

  33. Keri is the answer

  34. Google candida overgrowth to see if u have symptoms.

  35. Aip seems to be the only solution for me. I was vegan before and exercising regular and still would gain weight.

  36. Are you counting calories? Peanut butter is rich in calories. At the end of the day, losing weight boils down to simple math and you need to have a calorie deficit.

  37. You have to be careful of protein shakes. They're loaded with sugar.

  38. I agree! I was a size 4 with a 6 pack ab 4 years ago. At the gym 5x a week and I always watched what I ate. The minute I got diagnosed with thyroid issues no diet and exercise worked for me anymore. I'm also in my mid 40s so entering huge hormonal changes as well. I had my insulin tested too, leptin, all came back normal. The last thing we are checking now is my estrogen, testosterone and progesterone and probably DHEA next. If that's normal too than I'm also asking my doctor for appetite suppressants. Sadly, not all solutions work for everyone. People raved about AIP, now it's Keto, tomorrow will be another diet. All are for life though. The minute people stop dieting they will gain the weight back. I've been there done that.

  39. How many of you have been switched to armour and have lost? I see my endo next week he talked about changing me but I talk antidepressants so it's not just the thyroid meds it's more so I don't know if it will work

  40. Optimal levels

  41. Betty did you go from synthroid to armour??

  42. For some reason I'm the opposite I've always been on synthroid my metabolism just burns through it with no exercise

  43. No peanuts! Try detoxing, I'm doing it and it is the only way im loosing a few lbs.. juice a bunch of organic celery and 1 organic Apple every am before breakfast, eliminate all processed foods and drink kemon water all day. No animal products for 1 week always helps me.

  44. Take a look at an app called NOOM.
    I have had good success with this app on my phone.

  45. Keto is the only thing that works for me and be very careful of nuts. You want to have maybe 5 or 10 a day. That is it!

  46. Does anyone know if propel water or flavored ice water ok to drink? I'm not a person who cares for regular water so I'm not good at drinking it. Just looking for a safe water

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