Is Remag and Anderson’s similar products?


So I’ve been having my 17 year old son do the foot baths with mag oil, boroax & baking soda for the past 2+ weeks, and the results are miraculous. Prior to it, he was anxious, depressed, apathetic…nothing made him happy. In the 1st week I noticed profound changes (first thing that has worked so significantly in years of trying things). He’s happy now, smiles a lot, is cooperative, doesn’t mumble, etc. I’m thanking God everyday. I’m curious how he will be when school starts. He still has disruptive sleep though…hoping that will get better. I do footbaths too for sleep issues and am still struggling to stay asleep. Can’t do Mg pills because I get a laxative effect. Was thinking of try Remag or Anderson’s mineral drops for me and possibly my son. The footbaths aren’t always convenient. Is Remag & Anderson’s similar products? Is there a benefit of doing the one over the other? Are both known not to produce a laxative effect? Are there any other that I should consider instead that I can drink and that will not produce a laxative effect? Thank You

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  1. Tanya I've tried it, can only do 1/3 of the recommended dose and it still effects my bowels.

  2. mag glycinate has a high laxative effect for me too

  3. Try the mineral drops as they will provide a broad spectrum of minerals in addition to Mg and it should be easy to adjust th amount to your comfort level.

    Another way to get the trace minerals is what I do, I eat seaweed.

  4. He might need low dose melatonin short term, time release best, ask his Dr

  5. im going thru the same with my 15 yr old.. everyone keeps saying its normal teenage behavior…. i wonder if this will help… what is the ratio for foot bath??

  6. Eating more carbs with dinner helps with sleep.

  7. Christy Venticinque Schwoyer may we have your recipe

  8. MJ Hamp it looks like to get at least 600mg of Mg, I would need to take 3 servings of the mineral drops per day, so the bottle would only last me 20 days (or 10 days if me & my son both take it). How come the recommended serving size is so low? I've never eaten seaweed…where do you buy it, would Wegman's sell it, and how do you eat or prepare it, what does it taste like?

  9. Christy- you may need more transdermal and an angstrom form.
    Make sure you try very small doses broken up thru out the day with the glycinate… if that doesn't help, adding in other forms would be good.

  10. Tammy Lagoey I heard that too from people, but his behavior was not normal – he barely got through the past few years of school. He was really bad…and I feed him so well. 1 TBSP of Health/Wisdom Mg oil (although some days I doubled it), 1/2 Tbsp of Borax & 1/2 cup Arm/Hammer Baking Soda for 30 mins.

  11. I am going get my 18 yo to try this as he sounds a lot like Christy's son

  12. How about making magnesium lotion and putting on the feet at night? I think there is a recipe in the files?

  13. I put the magnesium oil on my neck and shoulders lower back and hip before bed, it really helps

  14. When I added adrenal cocktail too, feel so much better now

  15. Was that a daily foot bath ?

  16. Yes, we do it every night for 30 minutes. Actually, just realized I'm just about out of Baking Soda…going to run to the store right now 🙂

  17. What kind of school?

  18. He's in High School. He goes to his home school for 1/2 the day for his core academic classes and goes to a tech school for graphic design the other 1/2 of the day.

  19. Example of why the foot bath can be inconvenient…I've been doing them for about 1 month now. So on 4th of July when we left to go see fireworks, my hubby drove and I soaked my feet the entire ride…just bought the bucket of the solution along for the ride and soaked my feet 🙂

  20. Can we add borax and baking soda to Epsom salt foot baths also or should it be only with mg flakes?

  21. Have you tried Magnesium L-threonate?

  22. Can I ask what adding baking soda does? Is there a specific purpose?

  23. I made a typo above, I use 1/2 TBSP of Baking Soda, not 1 TSP. I corrected the post. I don't feel confident to answer your questions Nivethitha Tyagi and Deb Goken. I just was doing what Morely suggested. I haven't tried Mag L-threonate…not sure what that is.

  24. Yes, add borax and baking soda to any footbath

  25. I'm confused on your measurements now. Sorry. Can you list all of them again? Or, is there a file on this? Thx!

  26. Thank you Christy Venticinque Schwoyer and MJ Hamp

  27. Deb it's 1 Tbsp of Mag oil by Health/ Wisdom, 1/2 Tbsp of borax & 1/2 cup of baking soda…sorry for the confusion.

  28. Can you just add it in his shower and close the plug so it stays in the tub.

  29. Christy Venticinque Schwoyer – boy that sure isn't much Mag oil that that signficant response.

  30. Christy Venticinque Schwoyer – would you please write up your son's experience as a PDF and add it to FILES here?

  31. Thanks Christy!! I have a 17 yo son also that I'm going to try this on. And a 20 yo son & 19 yo daughter. Hope it helps them. Thanks again!! 🙂

  32. Sure MJ. The bottle states that every ounce contains 3162 mg of elemental Mg. 2Tbsp's are in an ounce, so we are getting 1581 mg if I'm doing my math correctly. I tried 2Tbsp but it made us too tired the next day.

  33. OK….. I wonder f Joan Walk Schrader knows about your son's success with her product.

  34. Christy – 1/2 cup baking soda or 1/2 tablespoon baking soda? Just trying to clarify – confused by the 2 different comments. Thanks!

  35. o you make your own oil?

  36. Seaweed note! Be aware that iodine to anyone who has thyroid issues that are Autoimmune in nature like Hashimoto's can have a disastrous effect! The only way to tell if your thyroid problems are autoimmune, is to test the antibodies. TSH tests reveal little to nothing.

  37. How to make mag oil Maria ?

  38. Marsha- I boil 1 cup water in a glass bowl. Add 1 cup mag chloride flakes and stir. Easy as that

  39. I gave my son, then 17 and now 19, Magnesium because of his moods, he is so much happier now. I did try different types of mag for myself and tried different ones on him. Chelated mag gives me a loose bowel, but Citrate doesn't. Mag Oxide gave my son a loose bowel and so did malate. However, we now both use citrate along with my husband. Our household is so much more calm now, we laugh a lot instead of argue about petty things. We went on vacation and messed up our mag schedules. When we returned home my son was depressed and my husband grumpy. We are back to Mag 2 times a day at 400mg eact time. Again, happy household, tempers are no longer short and everyone is so polite to each other. It really is amazing.

  40. Wow Julie!!! That is so great!!

  41. It's so funny because I truly believe they make us happier. I pass them out morning and evening. I call them our happy pills. They believe it too. We had my 29 year old step son visiting and he seemed to be terribly unhappy about his life situation, which is getting better due to new career training. But he was so depressed because it was going to take 3 more years. I started him on mag citrate and he went back home to the UK so much happier and a better outlook on his future.

  42. Thanks for sharing !

  43. Kiesha Zorgdrager Chantry correct – 1 TBSP of Health/Wisdom Mg oil (although some days I doubled it), 1/2 Tbsp of Borax & 1/2 cup Arm/Hammer Baking Soda for 30 mins. So to clarify, it's 1/2 cup baking soda not 1 tbsp and it is 1/2 tbsp of Borax and 1 tbsp oil. Sorry for the confusion.

  44. I have used both products the re/mag is magnesium the Anderson is the sea minerals and also has some mag in it you need both, RE/lyte is the minerals from Dr Dean along with the re/mag.

  45. Joan Doane so rather than buy 2 separate products, are you saying Re/lyte is best because it combines both?

  46. Thank you Christy! Does anyone know if this would work with Epsom salts? And if so how much Epsom salts instead of mag oil? Thanks!

  47. what is health wisdom Ma oil? I make mag oil from flakes and boiled distilled water is this the same?

  48. Lisa Michele Kulak Health & Wisdom is the brand (one recommended by Morley). Kiesha Zorgdrager Chantry you can do epsom salt foot baths, but I'm not sure if it will be as effective. Also not sure how much…I know in tubs, you use 1-2 cups of Epsom salt, but not sure for the foot bath.

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