Is restaurant mexican food safe?


Hello, is restaurant mexican food safe? Generally?

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  1. Can not group Mexican restaurants as a whole, anymore then you can any other type of restaurant. You really have to roll with the punches, tell them your concern and what’s needed, and make sure they can provide those things to keep you safe. Yes, I speak from years of experience.

  2. I’ve never had any problems at any Mexican Restaurant. I stick with Corn Tacos-hard shell kind, I also get salsa and chips, and I also get Enchilada’s, cause they use corn for those.

  3. It really depends on the restaurant. I thought enchiladas would be safe since they use corn tortillas but one of the restaurants I go to adds flour to the enchilada sauce! I find that using the term gluten does not typically get a good response – I typically ask them how they make whatever it is I’m interested in and have them explain everything that is in it. Ask about the chips also – do they make them in house, do they use a separate fryer, etc. I find that I’m usually safe with nachos.

  4. Ok. Good to know

  5. I have a friend who owns a Mexican food restaurant and he said his hard shells do have wheat in them.

  6. If it’s not a certified gluten free establishment, I don’t think that any place is truly safe.

  7. Matzalan has a gluten free menu..and I’ve never had a problem there.

  8. Sometimes they put flour in beans and the caldo seasoning has barley in it.

  9. I usually think nothing is generally safe. Have to do research on every place, and most every food.

  10. I won’t risk it unless they have a gluten free menu. The only “Mexican” food I’ve had since diagnosis back in October has been out of my kitchen.

  11. We have the most success/luck (?) at Mexican restaurants more so than others. So many corn options. And I love nachos so that’s usually my go-to

  12. Normally I can find one or two things that are safe. Normally street tacos can be a safe bet. However often chicken or steak has some flour used or can be introduced to cross contamination. Carnitas has seemed to work for me in the past. Enchiladas can be a toss up bc the sauce isn’t always gluten free. Safest thing is the simplest thing usually.

  13. Generally, I’d say yeah! It’s just a matter of cross contamination most of the time that you have to look out for.

  14. Chips can be cross contaminated cooked in grease where they fry gluten foods.

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