is “soy” part of gluten?


I am only very new this, I have been eating perfectly staying away from anything gluten and dairy. Last night I had this and within 20 mins I started to feel sick! Silly question is “soy” part of gluten?

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  1. A few comments:

    Cornstarch is always suspect due to cross contamination

    Some celiacs can’t do gums including Xanthan

    Soy is often another ingredient that some celiacs can’t tolerate

  2. I always question things with thickener due to wheat being used to thicken. If you look at gravy mix its ingredient is just wheat

  3. Looks gluten free to me. Soy is gluten free but not soy sauce. How long have you been Gluten free? Perhaps your still recovering. I’ve gone to different spots that iritate my stomach but I still go I just change my meal. Like in n out makes me sick but I think there spread makes me sick so I stopped getting it with that and now I’m fine. It’s not the same burger but I learned by experience.

  4. Looks gluten free to me, too. It’s possible you’re sensitive to something else?

  5. There is a link between gluten, dairy, corn and soy allergies

  6. I have an app on my phone called “the gluten free scanner.” If you have the barcode to scan, it’ll tell you if the product is gluten free or not.

  7. It says it has cornstarch in it. Not all cornstarch is gluten free. and there is no way to know what brand was used.

  8. I can’t tolerate any soy. So I would not eat it.

  9. What’s Golden Syrup? Sounds gluteny. 😉

  10. Soy is in bold so that’s probably the culprit.

  11. Soy is NOT gf!!!

  12. Syrup thickeners cornstarch. These together,may be affecting you.

  13. Ate the exact same for dinner tonight without the sweet chilli sauce and felt absolutely fine

  14. Cornstarch is not always made from corn or you may be cross reactive with corn and or soy.

  15. No. Soy is safe……but not Soy Sauce(they have a gf variety)

  16. This is safe for u

  17. Soy IS free of gluten as long as it had not been contaminated.\nSoy SAUCE is NOT GF!


  19. I can tolerate soy but some cant its just wheat barley and rye i cant tolerate

  20. There is a soy sauce that is gluten free

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