Is that normal for it to go up so quickly?


I was diagnosed at the end of December and decided (with my endo’s approval) to try a natural approach to healing before resorting to thyroid meds. When I was diagnosed my TSH was just under 3 and my Thyroid Peroxidase AB’s were 409. (T3 and T4 were normal.) I’ve been gluten, dairy, and sugar free since mid-January (with only a few small slips), and have been having acupuncture weekly since the beginning of January. My TSH has been between 2.25 and 3.99 since 2010 – but it has suddenly jumped up to 7 as of this week! If anything, I had expected it to go down, but that seems like a huge jump in just a few short months! Is that normal for it to go up so quickly? (The lab ran the wrong AB, so I don’t know if the TP AB has changed. T3 and T4 are still normal.) I’m wondering if I should try the meds now, or if it’s o.k. to wait. Am I risking killing off my thyroid if I don’t start them? And if I do start them, will I ever be able to go off of them? My endo prescribed WP Thyroid 16.25 mg to start, but I haven’t picked it up yet. He didn’t feel it was urgent to start them, but said it was up to me. Help!!

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  1. It could be your diet. Carbs are important for thyroid and adrenal function. My daughter tried diet to improve thyroid function per her doctor. Her tests came back worse. If diet alone worked, none of us would be taking medication.

  2. Mine went from 5 to 56 in 6 months when I was first diagnosed.

  3. My TSH went from 130 to 486 in 6 weeks

  4. You can still have carbs that don’t contain gluten. 1 yr ago in April I was diagnosed and immediately went gluten free. I do not want to be medicated either and am doing everything I can naturally first. My tsh is now only half of a point away from normal range.. don’t give up. It can still work. It doesn’t happen over night. It went up on me first then started dropping. I’m still medication free and plan on being that way unless absolutely necessary. Good luck!

  5. Fruits and vegetables are carbs.

  6. I also changed my diet and my TSH went from 2.56 to 4.33. What in a diet causes that? I do eat fruits and veggies.

  7. Other things can trigger Hashimoto’s besides diet, and it’s hard to know what’s doing it. Even in regard to diet, not everyone has the same triggers. You just keep working on it as best you can. No one can predict how it’ll go, but if you don’t feel well and the meds will improve your quality of life, well then……

  8. This could just be the natural swing from hypo to hyper that Hashimoto’s causes.

  9. So your TSH went up at first and then back down?

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