Is that treatable? Cancer?


Hello.. I’m Cheyenna.
I’m new. I’ll share my story and I have a few questions.
I’m 45.. about a year ago ( Jan 17) I noticed wieght gain ( actual 45 pd within this year).. in the middle of this I had moved/ remarried. I called it ‘happy fat’ tho I knew better. Around Aug ( after my wedding) I became fatigued all the time. Tired, work made me sore, unmotivated. So in Nov I quit smoking after 30 yrs thinking that was my issue. Almost instantly after stopping smoking the fatigue became worse.. adding in shortness of breath and a strange feeling. My belly felt hard? Putting on shoes had me out of breath. Walking up steps made me out of breath. I felt like a 500 pd person tho I was only 180.
A few weeks ago I noticed swelling in my hands and face. I had swelling in my feet before that I chalked up to 12 hr work shifts. Googled symptoms ( always a bad thing) was at the doctor that day ( was sure I had heart issues)

She suspected my thyroid. Did some blood work. Quick results I was dxd with hypothyroidism..a few days later after more blood work it became hashimotos.
I started levothyroxine (50mg I believe, tho it’s not in front of me).. they said take it for 6 weeks ( recheck) and to have a thyroid Ultrasound ( planned for the 12th)

Within a few days of taking the meds the swelling is just about gone.. esp in my belly ( which was causing the odd feeling. Didn’t realize my belly was swollen).. I actually feel better ( not as tired, etc)

So after all this googling hasimotos.. I’m wondering about some other things I didn’t think went with this, but maybe it does.

I night like everyone. A few months ago I noticed I snore awake. When I’m relaxed, washing dishes, working. I’ll catch myself snoring. Its like a throat snore. Like my throat is relaxing ( falling down).. it’s odd and embarrassing.. I’ve Googled it and it throws out thyroid.

And I know with the ultrasound they are checking for nodules? Is that treatable? Cancer?

And at what point do they remove your thyroid? My husband’s mother had hers removed, but he’s not sure why?

And just your basic what are the common issues with his dx. What should I expect?

Thank u!!

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  1. I recommend a sleep study for apnea and cpap. Happened to me. Will improve your fatigue. Also get vitamin d checked. You are more than likely deficient. I supp 5000 IUs a day and stay in the 60s range. I was at a 19 at diagnosis!!! This will help improve things like pain as well. Many of us nonconverters and need t3 to convert t4. I never felt well on Levo alone. I take a small dose of liothyronine with my Tirosint. Research AIP diet. Can help with wellness to heal your gut. I was strict for 4 mos and have been able to successfully reintroduce foods. Try gluten free diet. It helps. Good luck!

  2. I'm always vitamin d deficiency.. everytime I have blood work in the past.. just never took the meds for it ( I'm really not a pill person. But I realize now I have to)
    And I have dealt with IBS for years ( after a gall bladder surgery in 04) but all that had seemed to clear up after I quit Smoking

  3. Have Estrogen levels checked also, while you're having other blood work. My Hashi's brought on early menopause at age 41. Lack of Estrogen can cause lots of things to happen that didn't use to happen.

  4. They don't remove your thyroid for Hashimoto's.

  5. Because of weight gain, I had developed sleep apnea. You might want to have that checked. I would wake up coughing while I slept and was very fatigued during the day. Sometimes I would catch myself while awake not taking breaths. They performed a sleep test on me and monitored how many times in the night I had quit breathing because my palette was blocking my throat.

  6. So nodules don't mean cancer. They check mine once a year for changes etc. If a certain size they may be biopsied

  7. Please read Izabella Wentz book Hashimoto protocol and Marc Ryan healing Hashimoto. You will get the right answers data and research driven.

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