Is the flu shot ok to get with Hashimotos?


Is the flu shot ok to get with Hashimotos? What are thoughts or experience with this?

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  1. It can cause a flare up

  2. NO flu shots. N0 Vacines

  3. I get one every year with no issues.

  4. I get a flu shot every year with no problems.

  5. I also get the flu shot every year also

  6. Gotten it through work the last four years and no problems. No winter cold either!

  7. I’ve got one every year for the past 12 years, with not 1 problem.

  8. There is no way I would let anyone shoot that into my body.

  9. I always get one and volunteer at a nursing home, so have to get one. My endocrinologist recommended getting one.

  10. I have been getting it for 7 years with no adverse effects.

  11. I honestly don’t know what all the drama is about, all these people saying that it’s bad….

  12. Depends on your body…I’m unfortunately forced to get it or I lose my job

  13. I get the shot every year. I think every person’s body is different.

  14. I believe that it should be mandatory

  15. Got mine a few days ago and i am doing fine. It really depends on you and what you allergies you have or don’t.

  16. I get it every year no adverse effect. Didn’t have the flu in ages

  17. nope. never got it. i’m still alive and in fact NEVER got the flu! 😀 there is no way i’m letting this near my already poor body.

  18. I don’t feel any ill effects from getting the flu shot. But I quit getting it several years ago because no matter what it seems I get one flu every year.I’ve even had years where I didn’t get the flu shot and I didn’t even get the flu that year. So I just figured, why bother?

  19. I got the shot b4 diagnosed, no problems

  20. I get the shot every year. No problems.

  21. Some years ago I worked as a nurse in an intensive care unit. Then I had to take it. Didn’t like it, because it always gave me a fever and I felt sick for 3-4 days. Then some years went by, didn’t work there anymore, and didn’t take the flue shot. Last Christmas I got the flue. And I can promise you the reactions to vaccine was nothing compared to that! Haven’t been that sick since I was a child and had meningitis. Every muscle in my body hurt, I got extremely high fever, and as a complication I also got pneumonia. We often hear that it’s just older people that die from getting the flue. I was 48 then and got medical help just in time to save my life. I didn’t think twice about taking the vaccine this year, naturally!

  22. I used to get them every year. But as I started getting more symptoms I also started having a reaction to the shots. It got worse over the last few years. Now my doctor told me I can’t get them any more. He’s worried the reaction will keep getting worse.

  23. There is a reason all these diseases are coming back, and it’s a simple fix just go get vaccine, it’s people that don’t get there shots that are hurting alot of people.

  24. I get a flu shot every year with no issues.

  25. Being an educator, I got the flu shot for years – long before I knew I had Hashi’s. I never got sick from it.

  26. I get it every year .. no problem

  27. No problems with flu shot here

  28. I get it every year never a problem

  29. Every year- never a problem. My husband DIED from Influenza. Refused to get the flu shot..he hated needles. He died in a week. A perfectly healthy 42 year old man. Get your flu shot.

  30. Every year.

  31. Anyone read the recent study (from OSU) which indicates that it actually weakens your antibody response? Im by no means an anti-vaxxer but this gives me pause…

  32. My mom has hashis and doesn’t get it because it (without fail) always makes her really sick. Any year she hasn’t gotten the vaccine, she doesn’t get the flu.

  33. Flu shots are not good for anyone to get.

  34. I get a flu shot every year and never had a problem.

  35. If you can manage to get a list of what is in a flu shot (pharmacists and doctors are not co-operative) you will see msg (we all know that this effects thyroid) and various neurotoxins. Sooo….I personally go with a big nope.

  36. I have Hashimoto’s and because I work in healthcare have to get it every year. I’ve never had an issue.

  37. Yes, I got it this week…I’m fine!

  38. I never get any shot or vaccine. Not worth the damage to my body

  39. Ive never had a problem with it.

  40. No never a flu shot! Poison

  41. I’ve had Hashis for 50yrs, I’ve always gotten a flu shot and never had any problems from it. We not only protect ourself, we also protect our families and anyone we come in contact with when we are vaccinated.
    Per a report by the CDC in 2015: “The seasonal flu vaccine prevented more than 40,000 flu-associated deaths in the United States during a nine year period from 2005-2006 through 2013-2014 according to estimates in a new study published in the journal Vaccine”
    It isn’t always effective for everyone, in fact it doesn’t help either of my children but they didn’t have any reactions after having the vaccine.

  42. I swear by the flu shot. I still might get a tiny 24 hour flu episode, but that’s nothing compared to the year I didn’t get the flu shot, I got the flu. I seriously almost died. Literally 104 fever for 6 days, I was hallucinating and didn’t get out of bed or keep my eyes open for 6 whole days.

  43. I get mine every year, no trouble

  44. I get one every year.

  45. Yes, it’s ok to get it. I have been getting one every year for ages. All my doctors recommend it.

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