Is the innate response vitamin C not recommended?


Is the innate response vitamin C not recommended here anymore? If so, besides pure radiance brand what are people using? The RCP calls for 800mg/ day of vitamin C and that would be a lot of capsules of pure radiance and very expensive. TIA.

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  1. I believe it would be 2 capsules. Thought I read somewhere they were 450mg each.

  2. I like Terasoul Acerola Cherry powder

  3. The protocol is 400-800, I believe. 3/day would be $0.66/day. And 380mg. Then add the Vit C from your AC's.

  4. It is still on the recomended products list if you choose to use it. Try a search for the latest discussion of it.

  5. Reviews say that it now contains ascorbic acid, which is not part of the protocol.

  6. I was using camu camu, but started reacting to it. Right now all my vitamin c comes directly from fruits and veggies.

  7. Notice what it says about Ascorbic Acid and Hormone D

  8. Terrasoul acerola Cherry powder has 480 mg pure vitamin C in each teaspoon.

  9. Have you looked at Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, Raw Vitamin C, 120 Vegan Capsules

  10. I cant find an Acerola powder that is free of Aluminium …i think its down to the volcanic soil thry grow on in south america or the processing

  11. How about this one? It does contain 2% silica though, probably to keep it from clumping. Would that be a problem? Low heat.
    1/4tsp=250mg Vitamin C

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