Is theater popcorn okay to eat?


Going to the movies tonight, wanting popcorn. Is theater popcorn okay to eat? Or does it vary on the place? Thanks.

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  1. You can call asked the movie theater? what I got so far is majority of popcorn is gluten free you just have to be careful about the butter.

  2. Following

  3. The popcorn I believe us gluten free on the other hand the butter is not

  4. Thank you

  5. The popcorn at my theater says gf on the box! I get it without butter, just to be safe, since that can have gluten.

  6. I had buttered popcorn at movies couple of days ago and made out great

  7. Popcorn can irritate due to fiber even without the gluten . Good luck .

  8. Yes without butter

  9. Nachos are safe if you can eat corn chips

  10. I had some last week and I became extremely ill. Probably not a good idea

  11. Which butters are gluten free?!!!… I thought all butter was ok?!!!

  12. I eat it with no problem

  13. I do okay with theater popcorn. I also leave off the butter

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