Is there a connection to living near to the mast?


I have lived less than 100m from a mobile phone mast for 17 years. During that time my health upped and left. I have severe fibromyalgia, Cfs and adrenal fatigue and anxiety and low mood sometimes. I’ve also gained weight. Prior to living here I was in good health. Is there a connection to living near to the mast?

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  1. Yes. Client of mine had one put on her horse breeding property. All the mares miscarried and she got breast cancer and died. Excellent information in this group

  2. O not at all nor connection

  3. Living so close to e.l.f's and others can cause health issues

  4. Yes. Google 'EMF pollution health'. Also smart meters are TERRIBLE for your health – hence why there is so much backlash against them. They are like having a cell phone mast in your house.

  5. Wondering too??

  6. I have a variety of items for deflecting this radiation. A pendant, a badge like item on the back my phone & an item kept in a drawer.

  7. Something to help with adding negative ions would be good, salt lamps, ionising diffusers or something similar are what I've been recommended

  8. Good to hear that you'll be moving soon . I'd be using salt lamp around the house & "earth" yourself & your electronics to help reduce EMF's … I use these products (you can get a meter to measure the difference it makes even with your own phone & PC. ) Use mats under you computers & sheets on your bed , earth yourself as much as possible….

  9. There's also a great book I'd recommend but it's in the process of being reprinted & will be released in the next 2 months – Healthy Home, Healthy Family…

  10. Get yourself some orgonite, I have several pieces I use around my home to protect us…you can even get a small button like piece that sticks to your mobile phone…and pieces you can place around these masts…dot around the neighbourhood and it will positively impact them too. I also use an organite disc to place my water, drinks on etc…it's amazing stuff.

  11. You can turn your wifi off at night. Simple thing you can do to help your health. When cress is put near a wifi router it dies.

  12. Yes… why have you waited 17 years to move?

  13. We here report that structural instability of the activated VDR becomes apparent when observing hydrogen bond behavior with molecular dynamics, revealing that the VDR pathway exhibits a susceptibility to Electrosmog. Further, we note that characteristic modes of instability lie in the microwave frequency range, which is currently populated by cellphone and WiFi communication signals, and that the susceptibility is ligand dependent. A case series of 64 patient-reported outcomes subsequent to use of a silver-threaded cap designed to protect the brain and brain stem from microwave Electrosmog resulted in 90 % reporting "definite" or "strong" changes in their disease symptoms. This is much higher than the 3-5 % rate reported for electromagnetic hypersensitivity in a healthy population and suggests that effective control of environmental Electrosmog immunomodulation may soon become necessary for successful therapy of autoimmune disease.

  14. I turn wifi off when we sleep. Only have it on for two hours a day. I use calm space pro plug ins around the house (4 of them – cost £550 from Electrostress Solutions). Have now had smart meter deactivated. Always use a landline. And yes I will move as soon as poss. Moves create instability which isn't always great for kids education which is why I waited whilst taking precautions to protect us from the electro smog.

  15. Move if you can this is a serious matter dirty electricity and eft waves can make you dethly sick.

  16. Not sure how that mast is situated, I can't move and now live in an apartment. Cell tower above my bedroom and one opposite me on two sides. I bought a meter. The cement in the ceiling blocks the signals above me, don't come into our building at all, the buildings around me would get hit by that. The towers on either side of me do come into the windows and across some parts of our living space. The meter helped me work out that we should put our couch on the opposite wall, so we don't get blasted by the tower when sitting. Otherwise, most of our time at home in that living space we'd be hit by the tower! I consider buying the cornet meter money very well spent and something you might want to look into.

  17. try keto lchf first then blame waves

  18. I personally think it depends on the person. I live under the umbrella of about 20 towers on the mountain behind my house. My health has improved since we moved here. Largely because of my friend who introduced me to Morley's views on health.

  19. I think mobile phone masts are the least of it. It's crazy to worry about them before considering the wifi in your house, the hands free in your car, the smart meter, the mobile phone in your pocket etc.

    It's everywhere……

  20. you were possibly a victim of EMF that affects people living near shortwave transmission equipments.But reverse is strange.

  21. GWEN towers as well.

  22. I would get on the protocol found in this group to help your body fight it.

  23. There are over 10 000 scientific studies showing that exposure to microwave frequencies cause biological effects.

    Of the 30 odd studies done looking at health around cellphone masts, all except one show a consistent pattern of ill-health. The one that does not show these effects appears to be gerrymandered, and has dodgy industry ties.

    The body that sets the standards for exposure is ICNIRP, they basically advise the World Health Organisation, who rubber stamps their recommendations. The ICNIRP panel is made up of self-appointed wireless industry insiders who are electrical engineers, not doctors.

    The safety standards for exposure to commercial wireless frequencies have not been updated in 19 years, despite the proliferation of wireless technology.

    There have been multiple appeals by some of the world's top scientists to the World Health Organisation to stop their collusion with the wireless industry, and start doing their job and set real health safety standards that actually protect the public.

    The World Health Organisation is so deep in collusion with the wireless industry, and so culpable for the genocide they are party to, that for the most part they will not even acknowledge receiving any of these appeals.

    For an overview of the current state of the politics of this matter, I encourage you to read the following document-

  24. An excerpt-

    "The ERK (or Extracellular signal-Regulated Kinase) cascade is crucial to the process of long-term potentiation, in which the brain hard-rewires its synapses in response to brainwave signals; this may be why this biochemical reaction is uniquely sensitive to pulsed microwave signals, which are also known to change brainwave patterns at extremely low radiation levels. A 2014 document from WHO [15] lists 26 studies that show brainwave changes with mobile phone radiation at levels below the ICNIRP guidelines. These brainwave changes may also be hard-wired into the structure of the brain through the pathological activation of the ERK cascade, a possibility that is now being investigated by Dr Friedman's team.

    Friedman et al. (2007) has been cited over 200 times in the literature; I have checked with Dr Joseph Friedman in Israel and all of these papers reproduce, confirm, and amplify his team's findings. Severe oxidative stress is known to cause (1) a wide range of neurological diseases, (2) a wide range of metabolic issues, and (3) a wide range of genetic problems, including interfering with DNA repair and promoting cancer.

    Therefore, the entire basis of ICNIRP's and WHO's advice – that microwave radiation can only have thermal effects – has been conclusively proven to be false, and a clear and complete mechanism has been elucidated that explains many of the symptoms reported in relation to this radiation. ICNIRP and the International EMF Project are deliberately ignoring the science, in order to propagate their industry-friendly line. This is no longer acceptable. The public is waking up to these dangers, and the United Nations must now take cognisance of the realities and issue a precautionary warning to the world, especially for children, that microwave exposure is dangerous. That is all we have ever asked of the World Health Organization, whose doctors at IARC have urged precaution; however, the microwave engineers in charge of the International EMF Project have refused to take this simple step. These engineers must immediately be removed and replaced with appropriately qualified health professionals who are committed to taking action to protect the people of the world."

  25. The Bioinitiative Report is a meta-review of the evidence for harm posed by microwave frequencies. It was last updated in 2012, so it is a bit out of date, and now there is even more evidence for harm posed by cellphones, smart meters, 5G technology, wifi, etc.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the scientific evidence for harm to humans, start with the Bioinitiative report.

    This is a highly complex field with much research coming out every month, almost all studies not funded by the industry are showing severe, irreversible effects caused by EMR exposure.

    Excerpt from the Bioinitiative Table of Contents:


  26. Julie May not at all connected unless you're standing right in front of the antenna

  27. “Some authorities say that there is “no evidence” that existing base stations are harmful. In fact, there have been at least 25 peer-reviewed scientific studies on human health around cellphone base stations, of which 24 found a consistent pattern of health problems, including significantly raised cancer rates. The one study that claimed not to find a problem (Elliot in the UK) actually showed a 24% increase in childhood leukaemias near masts, dropping to an 8% increase further away, a clear dose-specific pattern. At the very least, therefore, over 95% of all mast studies conducted worldwide find a consistent pattern of health problems. Here are just a few of the published, peer-reviewed studies:

    ● 1.
    Santini et al. (2002)Five hundred and thirty people living near mobile phone masts in France reported headaches, sleep disturbances, discomfort, irritability, depression, memory loss, and concentration problems. These effects were more pronounced the closer people lived to the mast.

    ● 2.
    Navarro et al. (2003) This Spanish study found that the greater the power density of microwaves in the home, the more severe were complaints of depression, fatigue, sleeping disorders, concentration problems, headaches, irritability, memory problems, loss of appetite, nausea, audio and visual dysfunction, dizziness, and cardiovascular problems.

    ● 3.
    Röösli (2004) This Swiss survey study reported that out of 429 questionnaires returned, 394 people reported symptoms from cellphone tower exposure. Fifty-eight percent of these symptomatic people suffered headaches, 19% nervous stress, and 18% fatigue, while concentration difficulties were the most common complaint.

    ● 4.
    Eger et al. (2004) This study, commissioned by the German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection, compiled medical histories between 1994-2004 of people living in Naila, Germany. The study found a threefold increase in malignant tumours for people exposed for five years or more to cellphone masts within 400 metres, compared with people living further away.

    ● 5.
    Wolf and Wolf (2004) A Tel Aviv University study of 622 people living in Netanya, Israel, revealed an overall fourfold increase in the incidence of cancer among residents living within 350 metres of a cellphone mast for a period of between three and seven years. Among women in the 350-metre group, the increase in cancer was 10 times the norm, compared with people living in other areas of the city.

    ● 6.
    Bortkiewicz et al. (2004) This Polish study confirmed that residents living close to mobile phone masts reported “Various complaints mostly of the circulatory system, but also of sleep disturbances, irritability, depression, blurred vision, concentration difficulties, nausea, lack of appetite, headache and vertigo. The study shows relationships between the incidence of individual symptoms, the level of exposure, and the distance between a residential area and a base station. This association was observed both in persons who linked their complaints with the presence of the base station and those who did not notice such a relation.”

  28. Studies 7-12:

    ● 7.
    Hutter et al. (2005) Three hundred and sixty-five people living near 10 cellphone masts in urban and rural Austria were studied. Reported symptoms of radiation included: headache, vertigo, tremors, cold hands and feet, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, stress, and the urge for sleep. Radiation levels were 0.2 to 0.4 volts per metre, hundreds of times lower than legal US exposure standards of 47 to 61 volts per metre. Higher exposures showed higher percentages of health complaints.

    ● 8.
    Abdel-Rassoul et al. (2006) Residents living beneath or adjacent to a long-established mobile phone mast with numerous antennas in Egypt reported significantly higher occurrences of headaches, memory changes, dizziness, tremors, depressive symptoms and sleep disturbance than did a control group.

    ● 9.
    Eger et al. (2009) The Bavarian town of Selbitz conducted a health survey of 251 residents exposed to cell tower radiation at no more than 1 volt per metre. The study found a significant correlation, depending on dose exposure, for: insomnia, depression, cerebral symptoms, joint illnesses, infections, skin changes, heart and circulation disorders, disorders of vision/ hearing, and gastrointestinal problems.

    ● 10.
    Dode et al. (2011) This study looked at 7191 deaths by cancer in Brazil’s third-largest city, Belo Horizonte, between 1996 and 2006. The highest rate of deaths from cancer was found among those who had lived within 500 metres of cellphone masts; there was a 35% increase in cancers for those living within 100 metres. There were high rates of prostate, breast, lung, kidney and liver cancer among the victims living closest to masts.

    ● 11.
    Buchner et al. (2011) In this study conducted in Bavaria, Germany, urine samples of 60 study participants were analysed for their adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, and phenylethylamine (PEA) levels before and after the activation of a new GSM cell tower. After activation, the stress hormone levels increased significantly, while dopamine and PEA levels decreased substantially. Sleep problems, headaches, allergies, dizziness, and concentration problems were common. This study indicates that base station radiation induces radical dose-responsive changes in human stress hormones.

    ● 12.
    Cy et al. (2012) This Taiwanese study focused on childhood tumours in relation to RF exposure from cell towers erected between 1998 and 2007. Researchers calculated the annual power emitted by all 71,185 cell towers in Taiwan and compared the calculated exposure of populations in each irradiated township: “This study noted a significantly increased risk of all tumours in children with higher-than-median RF exposure to mobile phone base stations.”

  29. Studies 13-17:

    ● 13.
    Eskander et al. (2012) This Egyptian cellphone tower study focused on the changes in human hormone profiles. Blood samples were taken from volunteers prior to the installation of a base station. Following installation, ongoing samples were taken which showed a significant decrease in volunteers’ ACTH, cortisol, thyroid hormones, prolactin for young females,and testosterone levels.

    ● 14.
    Shahbazi et al. (2014) This Iranian study was conducted on 250 randomly selected people living near cell towers. Statistically significant symptoms included: nausea, headache, dizziness, irritability, discomfort, nervousness, depression, sleep disturbances, memory loss, and lack of libido among people living within 300 metres of the cellphone towers, compared with those living further away.

    ● 15.
    Gandhi et al. (2014) This case-control study evaluated genetic damage in individuals living in the vicinity of cellphone towers. The blood of irradiated subjects showed significantly elevated DNA damage compared with non-irradiated control subjects matched for gender, age, and other factors. Females were especially affected by cellphone tower DNA damage.

    ● 16.
    Shiniyo et al. (2014) This study documents the myriad serious health effects suffered by condominium inhabitants living under rooftop antennas in Japan, who were examined by medical professionals. Every single one of a long list of illnesses suffered by the residents during their years of exposure improved after the antennas were deactivated. The symptoms ascribed to microwave radiation include numerous neurological dysfunctions, eye damage, severe fatigue, and tumours.

    ● 17.
    Golati et al. (2016) Scientists studied 116 persons exposed to radiation from mobile towers and 106 control subjects. The researchers looked for DNA damage in peripheral blood lymphocytes using alkaline comet assay and micronucleus assay in mouth tissue cells. They found significant DNA damage among cellphone tower subjects as compared with the non-irradiated control group, including increased micronucleus frequencies. Micronuclei are known precursors for cancer.”

  30. Omgosh can transformers do the same thing? We have s huge one in our back yard.

  31. We used to have to turn off our wifi, but I improved and we no longer have to do that anymore. But we still have to turn off the power to the bedroom end of the house at night or I can't get to sleep.

  32. The one place that requires heavy mitigation is at home. You're in control. Adding wall socket electric field reducers is a double edged sword cuz you've likely increased magnetic fields.

    A #1 is the bedroom. Solar EMF drops off after dusk and I when you're resting and sleeping. "All" wavelengths should be mitigated. All

  33. Yes there is a connection. Move house. Geopathic stress is real.

  34. So, please put me straight if I'm way off here…

    You cannot go into and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner if you have metal in your body, pacemakers etc…


    …if we all have this unbound iron in our bodies and are surrounded my EMFs then it's no wonder so many of us are a HOT MESS!!

  35. Yes, living by a cell tower or high voltage power lines is harmful to your health. We lived about 100 yards from a cell tower for 4 years. My 4 year old daughter's bedroom was the closest to the tower. She developed a blood disorder that eventually resolved. We moved 1 year later and she hasn't had a problem since. I also have a cousin whose daughter developed an autoimmune liver disorder and was about to go on the liver transplant list. They had high voltage power lines beside their backyard. They moved and her liver disorder resolved mysteriously and she hasn't had a problem with her liver since.

  36. Where is Erin Brockovich? I think we need her, I've never heard of this before!!! Gosh, gotta worry about everything these days

  37. Not sure how well this works or the legitimacy but might be worth looking into

  38. For people looking for more advice, information and understanding about EMR/EMF, and what you can do about it-

  39. It is something to consider…

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