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Starting a new job Monday and they are having a lunch training day. Of course they are ordering pizza not gf of course question is there is a gf pizza,place across street from job if I was to go by a get me a small gf pizza so I can eat with them ….would that look like I’m better then all or should I just not eat and say I’m not hungry and don’t tell anyone I’m allergic to gluten

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  1. At work I tell them I am allergic I can bring/order my own food or they can order me something to accommodate my allergy

  2. Let them all know. Take it as an opportunity to educate.
    And as a side benefit, perhaps your coworkers will keep your condition in mind when ordering lunches in the future.
    It’s no different that showing consideration for a diabetic or a vegetarian.

  3. Get the pizza. Then you wont feel left out.

  4. Bring your own food and eat with them. I would let them know you can’t have gluten.

  5. Get your own pizza. I let my bosses know and they always order a salad without croutons in addition to their food. Win win

  6. Having an allergy doesn’t make someone better than others. Get yourself a ?!! We all deserve pizza lol

  7. I would bring my own lunch that day. I’d be a ball of nerves starting a new job, why risk cross contamination with a gf pizza. Not the day to have “glutened” symptoms. I agree to get it out in the open in a positive way. Be upbeat about it then change the subject so they get to know you and not your disease.

  8. Take your own and if anyone asks tell them about your food allergies

  9. Bring your own lunch. Do not be embarrassed.

  10. You go get your own. When they ask, you tell them with a smile that you’re celiac so got yourself a gf pizza.

  11. If you’re hungry go ahead and get some then just explain why you got it, I don’t think people will judge you to hard for it

  12. When I got hired at my office I told them I was gluten and lactose free . Now they go above and beyond to make sure I have something safe to eat at the meetings .

  13. They should of asked if anyone had allergies, etc

  14. I just didn’t want them to treat me like I think I’m different or better then all them

  15. I would eat before you go and tell them you have a food allergy

  16. Take your pizza and join them. Explain that you have celiac disease and have to watch what you eat or u get poopin gluten. Lol that should break the ice.!

  17. I would be right up front with them,there going to find out sometime you have to be gluten free. Get yourself gf pizza so you can at least feel like you fit in. Next time will be hoagies,donuts or something. We are different than people without celiac, I had just had a rotten experience at Red Robin my gf bun was hard & my gf burger was burnt. No wander I only go out to eat once ever 3 months.

  18. Most people now are aware of celiac and are happy to try and understand it. Don’t let celiac take away your awesomeness, tell them and make helpful suggestions for future shared meals.

  19. Tell them you’re allergic! It’s going to be okay! They will understand, if not, you’re doing what is right for you and your body. Don’t let anyone dictate what you should or should not be ingesting.

  20. I’d just say “Hey I was just checking to see if there were any others with a gluten allergy? I thought maybe i could bring a gluten free pizza too but wasn’t sure what size i should bring. I just didn’t want you to have to go out of your way to order separate just for me :)” if they don’t offer to get you a gluten free pizza then just quit right now 😂! J/K but i think any normal good person would say “oh no, don’t you worry. I’ll make sure we have a gluten free pizza too :)!”

  21. My office had a lunch today for everyone to celebrate a milestone with a customer. It was a burger bar. The office manager had ordered gf buns and at least 20 people enjoyed the gf rolls. Personally, I haven’t eaten a burger bun in a very long time and it was actually very good. I love the idea of asking if anyone else would enjoy sharing a gf pizza.

  22. I would explain especially if u plan on working there for a while

  23. It’s only for 3 months it’s seasonal

  24. Just bring a sack lunch

  25. Get your own and join in

  26. I try to bring something similar to what everyone is eating. I do that now.

  27. Yeah your own and join in. If someone says anything or ask why you have a different pizza then you should tell them about your food allergy issue.

  28. I think better you bring your own lunch. Just say you have allergies if they ask.

  29. Get your own!!! Enjoy!!

  30. Have them deliver and don’t make a deal of it

  31. Bring your own lunch and politely decline and let them know you have an allergy.

  32. Bring your own

  33. You should get to have fun too

  34. I used to just bring my own lunch when mg job did this. I didn’t want anyone having to go out of their way to find me stuff. I was the only person there who was gf so no one really knew what it was anyway and I’m pretty sure I would have gotten sick.

  35. One year at my old jobs Christmas party a lady had brought to many rolls and went around giving people more rolls (not gf) she dropped one on my plate of my own gf food and I about cried. She ruined my lunch completely. I finally said something about my food allergies then.

  36. I would bring my own. After I was on board I would ask meeting coordinators to order me a salad with a protein and no croutons. we have no reason to be ashamed.

  37. Go get the gluten free pizza! That would be. Really weird of them if thought bad things of you! When they ask just tell them, I’m a celiac…maybe next time they will order gf! ??

  38. Bring your own

  39. Get you a GF pizza

  40. Bring your own!!!

  41. You do not owe anyone a detailed explanation. If asked, all you need to say is that it is medically necessary. I think we all open ourselves up to too much scrutiny when we offer so much detailed info about what we can and cannot eat. My new approach is that it is none of their business. My patience with ignorant people is wearing thin. I guess I’m just tired of people judging me by my medical issues. If I were you I’d get your own and eat it with pride, but no explanation.

  42. Order for delivery

  43. There is absolutely nothing wrong in looking out for yourself and your health. Have your own pizza and proudly enjoy it!

  44. I would explain that they don’t need to count you in on theirs when they order, because you can’t have any. Tell them that you’ll either order your own or bring a lunch from home, whichever you decide. I would hope that they will then order a separate gf pizza for you.

  45. Tell them you can’t eat it, most likely the company will ether reimburse you or buy something for you.

  46. Take your own pizza and don’t be embarrassed!!

  47. I tell everyone my allergies.

  48. Don’t hide the fact your gf nothing to be ashamed of xx

  49. I agree bring your own- they will know eventually

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