Is there a good Magnesium Malate that is just the Malate?


Is there a good Magnesium Malate that is just the Malate? The I saw the Jigsaw w/srt B free 500 mg. But then realized that has Vitamin c. Worried about that a little as I’m reacting to everything. Then saw the Jigsaw Mag Pure Malate which says it’s “as Albion Dimagnesium Malate” 100mg. Not sure what that is. Is there anything with just the magnesium?

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  1. I use Source Naturals Mag Malate.

  2. Hi Jennifer Bishop, Our Di-Magnesium Malate delivers 100 mg of pure elemental Magnesium Malate per capsule using minimal other ingredients and utilizes the highly bioavailable form, Dimagnesium Malate, exclusively from Albion Labs. It contains 2 ions of magnesium bound to Malic acid. Let me know if you have any questions! All the best, Julie W (Jigsaw Customer Service)

  3. Seeking Health brand on Amazon or from tbeir own web site has Magnesium Malate withnothing else & free of all typical allergens. I use it as a powder in a little organic unrefined apple juice mixed with. purified water. I want a good vitamin C with it so I use Synergy brand whole food brand also powder form

    1) The Vitamin C in the Jigsaw Srt +b6 is ascorbyl palmitate. What is that? Is it bad like ascorbic acid? Is it a whole food C source? I know this product is on the recommended list, but I'm curious about this, because the protocol also says to stick to whole food C sources.
    2) ALSO, how would I know whether or not to get a mag supplement with the B6 or not?
    Almost ready to order my supplements, so just getting things squared… TIA!!
    MJ Hampstead Julie Warta

    • I had a blood test for b6 and found out I was too high. It can cause lots of problems. I always test before supplementing now.

    • Glad you brought up testing. I’ve seen 3 different blood tests recommended in here. How do I know which one to order?
      Obviously, the RBC test doesn’t say anything about B6, but neither does the MAG-Vitamin-D Panel for $205 or the Mag-Zinc-Copper Panel with Iron Panel Test for $179 (on requestatest).

      So, since I am on a VERY fixed income, should I just go with the supplement without B6 and figure I’ll be getting the proper amount of Bs from the bee pollen, rice bran, and beef liver?

    • May, I mainly tested b6 because I am having so many problems. A lot of feeling loss and tingles around my body. Burning skin. I had read somewhere about high b6 being correlated with those symptoms. Sure enough. High for me!

    • OK. Good to know. Thanks! And thank you for your prompt reply- I know most people are partying it up today, but I’m home alone researching, so I appreciate it! And thank you for the info. I will get the one without the B6 and not worry about getting a blood test. I hope your B6 levels come down soon and those scary symptoms are resolved! 🙂 Happy 4th of July!

    • May, yes very scary symptoms these last few months for me. no partying for me. I’m trying to heal. Happy 4th to you!

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