Is there a good time to take bone broth


Is there a good time to take bone broth,a friend said it should be the last meal of the day,when it is best absorbed or most effective thanks

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  1. First of the day too-

  2. Can someone explain to me the trend of bone broth these days? I see it mentioned so much now. Isn't bone broth the same as stock or broth? If I make turkey stock for example, I include some veggies and the bones of a turkey and let simmer. Isn't it the same thing?

  3. Monica, bone broth is used for healing the digestive tract in leaky gut, candida, and yeast issues. The amino acids and collagen from the bones and tissues are super healing to many of us dealing with digestive issues. The gelatin in Great Lakes or the bone broths are responsible for huge healing benefits. Our grandmas really DID know all about healing us the right way!!!!

  4. Whats the best time of the day to take it though

  5. Laura Aulenbacher I understand the nutritional benefits, that is not my question. What I meant is, isn't bone broth the same thing as a stock simmered with bones in it?

  6. My personal opinion, anytime, morning, noon, night—-probably before meals to get the most benefit.

  7. Sorry, Monica, I misread your post. Stock can be the same and in most instances it is. But I ordered some from US Meats and got to different brands—-stock from bones and gelatin from many more and varied bones including chicken feet, etc. Does this help?

  8. Broth is the liquid collected after cooking a whole chicken for example.

    It becomes stock after you debone the meat. Return the entire carcass…bones, skin, fat etc along with a tbsp or so of Apple cider vinegar and cook for an additional 8-15+ hours. The longer it's cooked the better as this helps break down the bones…then they release all the minerals and nutrients

  9. Bianca Craven

  10. I just made bone broth for the first time using the leftover turkey ..over 24 hour simmer n then made turkey veggies n noodles. It was the best tasting broth I've ever had! Will definitely do it again

  11. I take it any time, but especially if I am feeling down, or have any abdominal distress. It works wonders!

  12. Remember, to be bone broth, the bones much be cooked long enough to disintegrate. That's why that bit of vinegar is important.

  13. Anytime you can ! I unfortunately developed a histamine reaction from drinking it every day and can't anymore.

  14. First meal of the day after lemon water.

  15. A teaspoon every half hour is more effective than a cup in the am and a cup in thw pm. Lol if you have time to do that thats great… I just make soup and drink it 3 times daily but i miss days

  16. On empty stomach anytime.

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