Is there a link between Hashimotos and pcos?


Is there a link between Hashimotos and pcos? My mother has Hashimotos so I was wondering if I could have a high risk of having it myself? I have pcos. Thanks

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  1. Yes! There is always a link

  2. The fact that your mother has Hashimoto's puts you at risk for having it yourself regardless of PCOS. Have you already had thyroid testing done? Do you have hypothyroid symptoms?

  3. I have hashimoto's and so does my Mom. I'm pretty sure my Grandmother had it also. I was diagnosed before my mother was, it was because of my symptoms she went and got tested.

  4. Hashimoto's runs in families many times, or just thyroid issues or other autoimmunes conditions. My mother has hyperthyroidism, my sister has it now, I have Hashimoto's and my son has TSH in 4.3, so I have to order blood test for him in one year to see the evolution…anyway, you don't have to develop Hashimoto's, you are just at more risk

  5. All autoimmune disease's are genetic. We don't just get Hashimoto's, it is passed on somewhere through family genetic history.

  6. If you have an autoimmune disease, you ARE at higher risk for developing others.

  7. No there is no link.

    PCOS isn't even autoimmune so they're not even slightly related in that way like other AI conditions.

    If your mother has Hashimoto's you are at a slightly higher risk of getting an autoimmune condition but it wouldn't even necessarily be Hashimoto's. It could be something else like celiac or lupus.

  8. There's no link, but I have both. Was diagnosed with hash's at 15 and diagnosed with PCOS at 25.

  9. There is a link but it's still unclear in clinical studies. Researchers found a higher incidence of PCOS among those with Hashimotos: and I also know that the level of progesterone is decreased in PCOS and therefore, increased estrogen secretion (because progesterone obviously helps to balance/control estrogen as it likes to dominate) can lead to autoantibodies because higher estrogen levels (from sources such as the pill) contribute to immune dysregulation. This is also why more women suffer from autoimmune diseases than men overall (although it is definitely not just a female problem anymore because our environment is so estrogenic).

  10. Hashimotos runs in families but having pcos doesn't make you more at risk. But many people who have hashimotos have pcos or other hormonal issues since your sex hormones can be effective by your thyroid being off.

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