Is there a mineral deficiency linked to shortness of breath?


Is there a mineral deficiency linked to shortness of breath? If one more person tells me it’s anxiety i’m going to scream

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  1. Do you actually suffer with anxiety…..?

    People can sometimes end up in a stress/Mg deficiency loop. Stress depletes Mg faster than anything. Stress causes low Mg, low Mg causes stress. Low Mg often results in health issues that promote stress, and round and round it goes.

    Low Mg has been linked to Post-natal depression for instance. A mother's already compromised stores get even lower during pregnancy (it is known that pregnant women need more Mg), then the stress of the actual birth can tip them over the edge into chronic deficiency.

    It is sad that doctors would rather give toxic drugs with horrendous side-effects, than do proper cellular checks and correct the deficiencies causing the problems…..!

  2. Do you have Hashis or hypothyroidism?

  3. I have shortness of breath.. I started taking a thyroid supplement cuz i tried every mineral and vitamin that i could think of that would cause you to have this and none really Until i took a thyroid supplement .. 20 mins later i could breathe.. it's been about 4 months so i still have some shortness of breath every now and then… But I also drink alcohol to much sometimes which exacerbates the problem.

  4. If you drink alcohol you have no b vitamins or magnesium. Alcohol eats them up

  5. Alcohol depletes thiamine..

  6. One of the Lymr coinfections causes air hunger but I don't remember which one

  7. I was thinking air hunger, it's horrible

  8. Morley Robbins do all dis-eases (metabolic disfunction I think you call it) like thyroid, adrenal, alzeimers, cancer etc eventually get 'cured' when CP is in the 33-40 range?

  9. Adrenals, but I'm more specifically linking it to potassium now…even if the levels are "in range".

  10. Nicole it's babesia co infection of Lyme it's actually a blood parasite much like malaria its effects the red blood cells which carry oxygen many Drs think when infected that one is anemic I'm learning here it's not the cause it definitely effected my adrenals & thyroid probably from iron going into those glands

  11. I experience this also. New tho the group, so I'm trying to take in a lot of info.

  12. What kind of alcohol you drinking Amber Hackler I love shots after my performance

  13. I'm interested as I struggle with "air hunger" on and off for years.. I've been told anxiety too and I also want to scream.. Yeah, maybe I get anxious cause I'm struggling with air hunger not the other way around..:-)

  14. I was wondering if it may be air hunger as well. Feeling like you can't get enough air. For many, that can be a result of babesia

  15. Yikes! My ferritin level 499, TIBC Iron 88, Iron binding capacity 346, % Iron Sat 25…..I am always borderline anemic and was given 2 iron infusions Aug. 2015. I can not find the CP tests. I am short of breath and have been attributing this to trying to raise my NDT/cytomel. Diagnosed Hashi/hypo.

  16. Low ferritin will cause shortness of breath

  17. Thank you for this thread. I have been having shortness of breath, heart palpitations and dizziness. My iron levels are normal.

  18. I have been reading Morley Robbins posts over and over. I was a quick study but no more! I am finally understanding how to decipher my thyroid labs.

  19. untreated hypothyroidism can cause this too

  20. It's happened to me so many times for different reasons…being hypothyroid and under-treated, Then Taking l-carnitine on top of it, only makes matters worse. Heartburn can actually make you feel short of breath like you're having a panic attack. So can a gallbladder attack. And I'm currently experiencing asthma due to toxic mold exposure. Fun stuff.

  21. Andrea Chanay-nay
    ALL ^^^^ thanks to dysregulated Iron…

  22. I was just going to post that Morley that perhaps the mold exposure was the effect the cause is iron …
    And possibly having the genes that dr shoemaker suggests

  23. You need salt. Try sole. Or an adrenal cocktail.
    Salt cures my shortness of breath

  24. To help until you figure it out, one of the things I do is raise my arms above my head. It helps me take in a deeper breath and takes the panic away.

  25. Mine was caused by babesia.

  26. Absolutely all of the above is due to poor mito function as a result of oxidative stress. Adrenals, thyroid and infections all compound the issue.

  27. iron deficiency causes shortness of breath – actually any type of anemia…

  28. Are you taking or coming of of any meds?…Benzodiazepines?

  29. ceruloplasim, other stuff also

  30. Never found what caused my shortness of breath. Doctor said it wasn't B12 but they never tested, just looked at my nails. Didn't feel like anxiety.

    Had to look around for myself, so I started taking B12 and B6 (history as a drinker) my copper was disregulated, which is also an anemia possibility. Cut down on high histamine foods like nuts and malts. Started supplementing magnesium. So far, it hasn't come back. No idea what it was, but seems like there's a lot of possibilities. Gl 🙂

  31. Down regulated GABBA A receptors cause this also …which can be a side effect of medications

  32. Haven't read the other posts, but have you had your Thyroid levels checked? Specifically looking for thyroid Antibodies??? Most all docs will only check TSH T3 T4…the antibodies are ignored. Multitudes of people have 'normal' thyroid levels so their doctors don't go any further, but if antibodies are present, you will have the symptoms just as if your thyroid was compromised. The condition is an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos. Sounds scary, but more common than the general population realizes. Lots of people have this condition and don't know it. They go from this doctor to that doctor and years pass without a diagnosis. Have it checked out.

  33. Could be anemia. Anemia can be caused by iron deficiency or B-12 or folate deficiencies.

  34. Jan & Robin & Others…
    Blaming "Thyroid dysfunction," "Anemia,&" "B-12 Deficiency" are VERY PASSÉ in an Enlightened Era of Iron Overload…

    Please "Update" your Operating System & proceed accordingly…

    ALL is NO longer as you've been "trained" to beLIEve it was…

    A votre sante!

  35. "have salt in yourselves and be at peace with one another".

  36. That's a great passage ^^^^ Jack!


  37. avec plaisir

  38. I'd bet everything it is!

  39. Zinc deficiency…often displaced by heavy metals toxicity…causing pyroluria…which can cause air hunger…

  40. Morley pyrolle disorder ??

  41. Get a Zyto Scan. Find out for sure.

  42. Taking the right form of B12 helped me tremendously. I felt like I could breathe deeper and easier and could tolerate heat much better. I have lived in Florida my whole life and have always hated the heat until this year after taking B12.

  43. Jysline I have shortness of breath also…no asthma…I do have anxiety disorder but my shortness of breath happens even when when I'm not stressed/ or high anxiety…I recently was diagnosed with LPR which is the cause of my shortness of breath Not sure if you have any of these other symptoms but its definitely worth looking into…LPR is a horrible disease…wish I knew of something to help it Morley Robbins do you have any suggestions…a lot of ppl say of I don't have that I don't have heartburn..they call this silent reflux..there is no heartburn although if you have GERD like I do you will have heartburn…its worth reading and checking out the

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